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Business in the 21st century, whether you run a landscaping company or a law firm, depends heavily on the Internet, and while the possibilities for reaching potential customers seem endless, the truth of the matter is: Every one of your competitors’ websites is vying for the same space, attention and top search engine ranking that you are. If getting more meaningful traffic to your website is an essential component of your business’s day-to-day and long-term sustainability, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are seven little-known ways you can drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of driving traffic to your website via search engines, and while head terms are the most popularly searched keywords, they’re also the ones that see the most competition, which means if you’re focusing solely on them, you’re probably not ranking very high. Long-tail keywords on the other hand, are keyword phrases that are lengthier — often five to seven words long — and very specific. By building content and posts around long-tail keywords, you’re more likely to rank higher in searches and snag the very customers who are looking for what your business provides.

Use StumbleUpon

If you post blogs on a regular basis, be sure to submit them to StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a huge database of content from across the Web that finds content for users based on their interests. So, if you run a small flower shop that specializes in orchids, submitting your blog posts on orchids to StumbleUpon will ensure that readers who are looking for content related to orchids can find you.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

Headlines are what make people click through to get to your content and website. Especially if you post your blogs to social media, your headlines need to arouse curiosity and interest or no one is ever going to bother to read what you’re writing.

Entice Via Twitter

When you create content for your website, you need to promote it or no one will notice that it even exists. Twitter, because it’s such a short and constantly changing social medium, is an ideal place to promote new content, articles and blogs to help drive traffic back to your website. But enticing readers and potential customers via Twitter takes a particular knack. When you promote content via Twitter, do so under the following conditions:

  • · Use fewer than 100 characters. Short tweets have a 21 percent higher rate of interaction.
  • · Don’t just tweet the page or blog title. Be provocative so that people want to click through and see what your tweet is in reference to.
  • · Use stats, quotes — anything that will pique interest.
  • · Don’t forget the hashtags. Tags will help broadcast your tweet to similarly tagged topics and can help in extending your reach.

Fresh Content

Search engines want to give their users access to the most relevant and timely content on the Web, which means: If you aren’t generating fresh content, you’re not going to rank as high in searches. While it isn’t necessary to blog every day, fresh content will keep proving to search engines and potential visitors that your business is viable, active and participating. Try to write at least one blog post a week on something that your customers want to know about your industry or business.


Build Your Virtual Street Cred

There are a large number of ways you can increase your virtual street credentials within your industry or field, and every one of them will result in more traffic to your website. They just take a little bit of hustle and some quality writing skills. Examples include:

  • · Be a guest blogger.
  • · Include links to outside relevant posts on your website and blog.
  • · Join a blogging community.
  • · Respond to any blog comments thoughtfully and in a timely manner.
  • · Comment on blogs and articles that relate to your industry.

Do What Works

Spend ample time with your analytics to ensure that your time and energy is going where they’re most effective used. Just because someone else sees the bulk of their website traffic from Facebook posts doesn’t mean you will. Know what drives the majority of the traffic that your website gets and keep putting your energy in that direction.

Getting more web traffic is something every business is trying to accomplish, but there’s a lot more that can be leveraged than just traditional SEO. From writing fresh content to increasing your Twitter-savvy, these seven lesser-known ways to drive traffic to your website will eventually lead to measurable results that will benefit you and your business over the long-haul.

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clip_image002Your email subscribers lie at the heart of your online business and its income. Build a large network of email subscribers and you have a very solid foundation, based on mutual trust and familiarity with your company, for an ongoing business relationship. With this in mind, great care and attention should be paid to getting as many customers to sign up to your emails and newsletters – it is a sure-fire way to build your business, which is why you need to know these seven ways to increase the number of subscriptions.

Promise group ‘membership’.

No, you don’t have to set up a fan club, just make it clear that email subscribers will be joining a larger group of people. Ensure that they can see testimonials from other satisfied customers and – even if you’re only just starting out – they receive the impression they are one of many. Give links to your social media so potential subscribers can see just how many people are talking about you online.

Be assertive!

Make your emails stirring exhortations rather than polite requests. Don’t ask whether somebody wishes to subscribe – say “Don’t delay! Subscribe today!”, or words to that effect. There’s no need to sound like a tyrant or to be rude when being assertive, but customers respond well to the direct approach. Customers like to know they are subscribing to a business that is confident in what it does.

Use graphics and images.

People prefer email messages to be about engaging images rather than dense text. Try making the most of the visual element.

Avoid off-putting elements.

To make your emails as attractive as possible to potential customers, you need to overcome fears and reservations about subscribing, which means avoiding pitfalls such as bombarding your audience with updates, sending messages that are not what you initially agreed and making it complicated to unsubscribe.

Optimize for mobile devices.

With the vast majority of email business being undertaken via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you need to make sure your messages are compatible with them. If people can receive and enjoy your messages on the move, they are more likely to subscribe.

Make use of video.

When used sparingly and properly targeted, embedding videos in your email messages can work wonders, as long as they are accessible from all devices, mobile or otherwise!

Time your messages well.

The best time to send promotional emails is during the morning and evenings, when people are most likely to be checking their messages and shopping online. Free email marketing services exist, and there is also excellent email software that will schedule your mailouts.

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blog-promotionBlogging has become a passion among online users. Every third online user has created his blog. Creating a blog is not a big task but making it alive and putting the required efforts to promote it are the big challenges. The successful bloggers are those who create a blog and establish it to make money online. So to make your blog successful, you need to promote your blog by using various promotional methods. One can analyze the result of his blog by measuring the amount of daily traffic and the search engine rankings.

Following are 6 best ways to promote your blog online:

Write Quality Content

Content plays an important part of SEO or we can say to promote your blog. Write quality content on any topic of reader’s interest and get this article published in any other blog with a link or URL of your blog placed at the end of the post. This method of promoting your blog terms as “guest posting”. The benefit of this guest posting is that your written article will be read by that blog’s readers and ultimately your blog link that placed at the end of the post can get the lots of clicks and traffic. So your blog will be highlighted or promoted.

Article writing and submissions

Article writing is the best way to promote your blog to get huge traffic. In search engines, many article sites are present in which one can publish their articles with the 2 or 3 links of their blogs or sites at the end of the article in “About Author” field. Moreover, you can submit the same article to all the article sites of your choice. You can submit one article to many article sites. This is the great way of promotion because this will get mostly “do-follow” links which gives search engine rank credit also and traffic too.

Social Bookmarking

Promoting your blog through social bookmark is one of the best ways to get traffic. There are thousands of bookmark sites available on the internet. You just need to select the unique and impressive title of your blog, a description of your blog that can easily and well described about your blog and your blog page URL. Lots of people open these bookmarking sites every day. So a great option to promote your blog.

Blog Comments

Commenting on other’s blog is also a great way of promotion. Find out some good blogs or sites, visit them. Read some articles or blog posts published in those sites. After reading, at the bottom of the page there is an option of doing comments. Write something that you feel about the post along with your name, email ID and your Blog URL and submit it. So this will also be very beneficial for getting traffic and search engine rankings.

Forum Participation

Participation in forums will make you’re your blog more web visible. And you can promote your blog by placing the blog URL in the signature section. As many times you get participate on different threads and posts your blog URL will shown up. Huge traffic will also come up by this way.

Social Media Promotion

Make sure that your blog is well connected with various social media sites. All the social media profiles should be nicely connected with your blog at the top right side of your blog or anywhere on the page where the user can easily see them. These social media sites should be placed together in the site. It does not look like a scattered one. And always remember to share the posts of your blog with the social media sites. This will also increase the traffic of the blog. And ultimately helps in promotion of your blog.

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When you market or advertise your business online, what is your biggest goal? If you reply with “gaining customers/followers”, then you are definitely in search of a chance at going viral. The internet is a highly concentrated meeting place that is teeming with millions of individuals at any given time; they are all looking to communicate, gain knowledge, entertain themselves, or search for a particular business or establishment. It is highly likely that you will fall into several of these categories. By interacting with the cyber world and tapping into the free (yet highly rewarding) land of social networking, you can multiply your chances of finding new customers and followers.

What Does “Going Viral” Actually Mean?

I’m sure you are very familiar with viruses, and how they can spread rapidly from person to person while also being excruciatingly hard to stop. This is exactly how viral marketing or viral media works. When several individuals love then share what you post on your site, blog, or other profiles, it is then being exposed to their entire social realm (friends). A few shares can get you a few hundred new views easily, raising the chances of those individuals sharing it also. When this becomes widespread among many people and seems unstoppable, it has then gone viral. This is incredibly powerful for ANY business!

Brand Marketing With Social Media: The Number One Place for Viral Media


Social media has quickly become the most widely accessed type of site on the internet; and many websites have already incorporated their own form of social networking into their site, or have integrated the widgets of other social sites (such as a Stumble button, Facebook Like button, Facebook Connect, Google +1, and many more). These actions have launched a complete makeover of the internet, with nearly every site under the influence of social networking. This type of power is nearly unrivaled; and the best part is, it’s all free! By using social media sites and incorporating their widgets into your business website and blog, your business stands a much better chance of going viral.

Toll Free Numbers with Social Media

If you happen to have any toll free numbers associated with your business, you should ensure that every individual who may be exposed to your content can see it quickly and easily across social media accounts. 0800 numbers can help to funnel all individuals exposed to your business into a single preferred method of communication. The trust for these phone numbers can prompt them to contact your business; not only is direct contact a great benefit, but using business numbers as a main source of communication can be much easier on your business.

The Underrated Power of Blogging

Many have already taken note that blogging platforms have become hybrids; not only are they blogging platforms, but they incorporate many social features. They also integrate other popular social networking sites, so that it is incredibly easy for the users of those networks to share and spread blogs that they read or enjoy. Blogging platforms offer a much more customizable profile and site, making it easier for you to place emphasis on particular calls to action. You can use blogs to share news, sales information, events, videos, tips and tricks, basic knowledge, how to’s, and much more. When you combine the social media and blogging accounts of your business for particular goals, you are raising your chances of appealing to new readers and customers.

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Without gadgets, blogging would be basic and rather boring. Professional bloggers need gadgets to track their blogs’ success and to keep their readers coming back for more. The best gadgets are ones that are fun, entertaining and informative.

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no-spam Protecting your blog from spam is a basic, essential task for any blog owner. Even if your blog is little-known and you only have a small handful of readers, spam bots will still be able to find it through Google. If you want to keep your comments section from being filled with unnecessary link generation and advertisements for adult enhancers, keep in mind the following tips and tricks.

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linux-server-or-windows-server If you are looking to choose a hosting service then the first choice that you will need to make is whether you will be choosing a Linux platform or a Windows platform. Before deciding which one is the right platform for you, it is recommended to find out their features and what exactly makes them appropriate for a web hosting solution.

You should know that many website owners are guided by the financial advantage that Linux comes with, since this one is way cheaper than Windows solution. Actually, the Linux option comes as a free option within which everyone can operate in accordance with their own needs.

But let us see what makes Windows be so expensive when compared to Linux: