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Optimizing your Facebook page is one of the most important steps to becoming successful and achieving your social media goals. So before you decide to launch a full scale campaign, remember to optimize everything first so that your campaign is as effective as possible. To help you out, we are going to go over 6 basic ways to better optimize your Facebook page.

Using The Best Name Possible

It can be hard to come up with a name that is appealing to your demographic, relevant, and even include some of your target keywords, but it is important that you put a lot of time and thought into this. The title of your fan page will be in the meta description and will be what people see first when searching through Facebook or through search engines. A lot of people just use a simple name such as their brand name, but don’t include anything else that will be more appealing. If someone has never heard of your brand before, why would they click a link to it?

Changing to a Custom URL

After a while, Facebook allows you to come up with your own custom URL, which is a major way to optimize your page. BY implementing your keywords and title, you will make it much easier for people to go directly to your page and will also be more efficient for search engines. Search engines uses the URLs in their algorithm, so if there are keywords within the URL, you are most likely to be indexed better for your target words.

Optimize the About Section of Your Page

This is another area where you will want to spend a lot of time. This is where people go to get the general idea of what your page is and what it offers. You will want to provide people with a general idea of what they are getting into and at the same time, you are going to want to include your keywords to increase the chances of being ranked properly. Usually the shorter it is, the more efficient it will be, but don’t cut it so short that it ruins the whole purpose of the about section.

Provide Updated Contact Information

This may be a bit obvious, but your contact information is going to have to be updated at all times so that people can easily get a hold of you. When making a website ,you should add an email or phone number, getting a hold of you outside of Facebook should not be a hard thing for them to do. This will help increase your conversion rates and also give you more opportunities to interact with interested people.

Get as Many Back Links As Possible

Back links have been one of the best ways to gain authority and get ranked higher, and nothing has changed. You should be trying to get as many back links to your fan page, and also including links in your page that lead back to your main website. Getting as many links as possible should be a high priority in your social media and SEO campaigns.

Only Post Attractive, Valuable, and Quality Content

The more people that you can attract, the more visibility your overall page is going to get. So to optimize your page as best as it can be, you should only be posting high quality content for people to look at and get interested in. If they have no interest in what you post, how do you expect to get a large and loyal following? Keep posting valuable and relevant content, and you will see your profile become much more successful.

There are plenty of strategies and optimization techniques, but using these 6 easy tips, you will have a much more optimized Facebook presence.

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Oh, boy. Unless you want to use them for marketing purposes, or unless you’re a teenager interested in broken grammar and trend-riding, those hashtags probably get under your skin in a bad way. #NerveRacking! But they do serve a great purpose.

Hashtags create a clickable, searchable link that allows content to be categorized. This obviously helps average users follow and play along with trends, and it definitely helps marketers to take advantage of these trends in order to further their branding goals. Using Facebook for business in 2013 should include using hashtags, and here are a few quick ways to do it.

5 Simple, Quick and Effective Uses for Hashtags

1: Increasing Your Reach

There’s a lot you can do on a site like Facebook in order to make it into more News Feeds, but you still won’t be reaching as many as you’d like. Using hashtags allows you to increase your reach beyond this aspect. Let’s say a user is looking for something related to your niche, so they decide to search for material via a hashtag. If you’re using this tag, your reach has just increased and your brand is now included within the context of that hashtag. So use something that’s niche-specific and that your audience is already searching for or using. Just be careful not to use unrelated or inundated tags.

2: Special Promotions

So, you have some type of event or content that you want to promote? A hashtag is a great way to get the word out. Creating or using a hashtag for this purpose gives you a great opportunity to have your content catalogued. So when someone finds any piece of material containing this hashtag, they’re finding out about the promotion or event. It reaches more of a depth.

3: Steal Some Thunder

This one can be tricky, so be forewarned. But let’s say that there’s a similar brand out there using a certain hashtag, but their audience isn’t so inundated with people that the content stream is condensed. You can step in and be part of that audience by using that hashtag. You have to pick your spots here, as it can be risky, but it might allow you to bring some of your competitor’s fans to your neck of the woods.

4: Show Some Consistency

No matter which hashtags you’re using, a great tip here is to remain consistent. Be consistent with the message you’re portraying of your brand. For example, you might be using a hashtag that you think speaks to your target market, but it might be in use in another way that you’re not suspecting. This has happened before. Some marketers claim hashtags thinking they’re created for positive purposes, but come to find out they’re often dealing with natural disasters or war. So be consistent with your messaging here, and always check out the tags for intended use.

5: Keep Them Short and Simple

Hastags obviously need to be one continuous word, #LikeThis, but they also #CantBeVeryLongEither. Keep them short, simple, to the point, and don’t use a lot of them. A message doesn’t need more than one hashtag. You can even use third-party Facebook apps out there to maximize your ad potential and with Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories to target hashtags at certain demographics (but make sure that it is under Facebook “Preferred Marketing Developer” program). And in case you don’t know, Promoted Posts are posts that allow you to be seen by more people by appearing higher in news feeds while Sponsored Stories use existing Facebook friends who engage with a Facebook page.

Hashtags aren’t that widespread on Facebook as of yet, at least compared to what they’ll probably be in a few months. So you have a great chance to get in there and to mix things up, claiming hashtags for your brand, and to start building an audience. I also suggest incorporating holidays or current events in your hashtags as long as you don’t abuse it.

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The versatile watermarking tool from DMCA.com is going to change the way you protect your photos hosted on Facebook. Now, your photos will get the edge of having your copyright and your logo. DMCA.com has launched the beta version of watermarking tool intended to be used to protect Facebook photos. By utilizing the new service, you will be able to prevent stealing of your photos posted on Facebook and you can also prevent re-posting of your photos.


The procedure to utilize this facility is very simple. After registering with DMCA.com, you can select the album on Facebook for which you would like to apply the watermark.

You will have the option to select the watermark text to be posted on each and every photo of the selected album. The rest of the process will be implemented by DMCA.com automatically.

By utilizing the service, the folder which contains the photos will be masked with another URL. All the new images that will be appended to the new folder will be watermarked automatically when you access photos through the masked URL.

There is no limit on the number of photos and images that you can protect with DMCA.com. You will be able to add the copyright information to hundreds of thousands of photos in a matter of seconds. Others will not be provoked to download or repost your images as the copyright information will be displayed on each and every photo that you have opted for this facility. Typically, your copyright information (text) will be displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the photo and ‘Protected by DMCA.com’ will be displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Another advantage of utilizing the watermarking facility is that you will be able to hide your original image directory and you will be able to hide images that have no watermark. DMCA.com encourages Facebook users to utilize this service as the service gives dual benefit. On one hand, you will be able to protect your photos. Second, the images will load fast as they will be powered by specialized delivery network of DMCA.com.

What is DMCA?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a US Copyright Law. The law protects the rights and interests of owners of content in various forms including text, audio and video. The content is not only limited to online but also offline as well. DMCA.com is a leading global player that aids the cause of owners of proprietary material. Though DMCA is related to protecting the interests of copyright owners, DMCA.com works for the benefit of real owners of content even though the stuff is not copyrighted. Thus, it has helped many in the takedown of stuff from various sites. You will be able to protect your entire website by subscribing to DMCA badge. This facility will give you extended protection of the text, images, software and videos. DMCA.com is also offering premium services under which you will be able to monitor stealing of your data. You will be able to scan the data on a regular basis.

Why use DMCA WaterMarker?

The new Facebook application from DMCA.com not only helps protect your images but also build authority on them. This helps prevent manipulation of your photos. Such kind of tools is required to prevent misrepresentation of images. A sense of security will prevail in Facebook users. It is expected that many more new features will be added to the current watermarking application launched by DMCA.com. It is also anticipated that many more new and powerful applications will be launched in the coming days that may make copies of photos virtually impossible other than going through the crude way of capturing images by using other digital cameras. Now, Facebook users can take advantage of placing a number of photos by stamping their authority on them as well.

This tool is so simple a child can do it! If you already have an account with DMCA.com just go to https://www.dmca.com/WaterMarker/Facebook.aspx, then select your album and watermark text and let DMCA.com do the rest.

If you don’t have a DMCA.com account you can get one here for Free!


You can also view some more examples on facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DMCAtakedown

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With the myriad of social networking sites popping out every day, Facebook has certainly acquired a distinct and topmost position in regard of popularity. Every day millions of online users log into Facebook and share their ideas, views, photos, videos and many more things to rest of the world.

But with the increase in the popularity of Facebook, one more thing which has gained much hype these days is hacking of your Facebook account. Computers in Mumbai face such spam attacks very often and the reason is the ever-increasing number of Facebook users. So, it has become quite unsafe and dangerous to share your personal information and other details on Facebook as it can cause serious nuisances to you.

Thus, to avoid any kind of security nuisances or any other mess, you should be aware of certain things that should not be posted on your Facebook account. Here are mentioned five such things that you should avoid posting on Facebook.

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Nowadays, internet has proved to be the most important feature everywhere. With the help of internet you can complete loads of jobs or your routine tasks in the expected time. The basic difference is that the work you have to do without internet will require lots of time and effort, but with the help of internet you can do that work very easily and in very less time. .

The features of internet can be useful as well as it can be harmful. Nowadays, when all the work can be done through internet, this also provides some features which are resulting in the wastage of the time on internet. This is by several means such as social networking sites, video uploading sites, song downloading sites and many more. The main social networking site which is the big reason for the time wastage in the current generation is Facebook. Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and now is a very famous social networking site which has billions of members.

facebook-waste2With the increasing number of new users, Facebook is becoming more and more popular in all age groups. Facebook is providing countless features which involve sharing of videos and snapshots or it can be posting status with any saying or quote. This results in wasting a lot of time on facebook which you can utilize in other works. Anyways, you can save much of your time by taking some important measures which can be very beneficial to you. You can avoid using of chat box for which you sit and waste the time by chatting for long period of hours in a day as well as in the night. Some tips which you can follow for the prevention of time which is wasted on facebook are mentioned below.

Turn Off Facebook Chat:

The first step which you can take for achieving your goal is to turn your chat option to offline mode. This will help you in saving a lot of time which is utilized in the process of chatting. This is the finest and easiest method for saving the time. This will let you and your friends feel bad, but friends can compromise, but your work will not compromise with you.

Ignore random Add Requests:

The second measure which you can take to save some time is to ignore the request from a random person if you don’t know that person exactly. When someone is sending you a friend request on the facebook, and you do not know that person properly, you can just follow some enquiry by asking about that person from other person or the person himself. This will engage your time and this can be increased if you are accepting their request.

Ignore Games and other Application Requests:

You can also avoid getting some application request from your friends. The application requests which you get from any random person among your friends can be very interesting or attractive. The application will force you to think about their result by their attractive name. But don’t do this, as the application on the facebook requires a lot of time which you can save by ignoring that request.

The other tips and tricks which involves in the process of saving your time in is avoiding the requests for games and other applications. By using a timer with the use of facebook you can make up your mind to follow the timing for spending on the facebook. By stopping the process of getting constant emails and notifications and checking them, you can save a lot of time.

Block Unnecessary News Updates

You can also save your time by blocking the news updates you are getting from a friend who is not so much close to you and you don’t want to become bad for the person by deleting them from your account. This can be done by an easy method to just click on the top right corner of the post by that person and click on the Unsubscribe (name of that person).

Quick checklist of points to remember :

  • Maintain a Social Media Schedule.
  • Designate  only a specify amount of time daily on facebook ( half an hour or so).
  • Avoid lengthy chat conversations.
  • Stop looking for hot girls/boys on facebook.
  • Limit commenting on comment threads(Use”Unfollow”).
  • Stop poking people.
  • Stop liking other’s photos, status updates, on daily basis.
  • Stop sharing cute pictures(babies, animals, birds, love/ inspirational quotes, celebrities,etc)
  • Unsubscribe/unfriend spammers.
  • Don’t watch videos on Facebook.

Above tips will surely help you save your precious time from being wasted on facebook and can be used for some productive work.

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fabebook-likeFacebook, the popular social networking site, is a household name these days. Though it started with humble beginnings, it now features almost 800 million users; accounting for around 11 percent of the world’s total population of 7 billion people. Despite it’s success, there are still many things that its users don’t know about this social networking platform.

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There are two main social Networking Sites now. That is Facebook and the rest. Quite funny, but in some way it is true. FACEBOOK has taken over most internet traffic. And it is obvious that it has the greatest number of Registered User.

Day in and out, there have been major upgrade of the Facebook platform and among such upgrade is the Introduction of “LIST” and the new “Subscribe” Button.  One of the place to get a better understanding of these two items in the upgrade is the help center of facebook which is accessible via http://www.facebook.com/help but mind you, you need to be a registered member in order to fully access those information.

Below is an explanation to the two items namely the List and subscribe Button.



Lists are optional ways for one to organize and collate friends to easily know the group your friends fall in. For instance in my profile I have list for my Old friend, Church member, Colleagues and among others. List is normally found on the left pane of your homepage. By default, facebook automatically creates three lists for you namely: Close friends, Acquaintances and Restricted.

There are also smart list that are updated automatically and they are based on information you have in common with friends. You can add friends to existing list by moving your mouse pointer on the friend’s button on their page to bring up a pop or dropdown menu from which you can select one of the lists for them. Most people are confused when talking about List and Groups. List are made to categorize your existing friends on the other hand Group are created by people to involve people from around who want to share ideas or common interest.


By default, we have always been subscribed to our friends such that we are kept updated with whatever they are doing such as their comments and wall posts, photo upload and video upload. The new subscribe button helps us to follow or get update from people who are not even our friends. Renowned people like journalist, actors and actress, celebrities and political figures normally have a lot of friends that we can’t have them as friends. Due to this and many other reasons, we can manually subscribe to such people to get updates from their profile.


This can be done by moving your mouse pointer on the person’s subscribe button on his profile and selecting the number of update to follow with respect to the person you are subscribing to. You can also set for people who are subscribed to you such that you restrict those you see your public updates. manage-subscribers

If you wish to manage settings of your subscribers, Click “Subscribers” from your profile timeline and click the “edit settings” that comes next to subscribers. From this point, you can click on Comments and set for people who are not even your friends to comment on your post. And you also have to option to make settings for your notification with respect to your subscribers. By default both are on “ Friends of Friends” mode.

So this is what we really mean when we are talking about the LIST and the New SUBSCRIBE button.

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Facebook will be a launching some new security features in the coming days. You may be able to take the help of your friends if you are unable to access Facebook account and are locked out. According to the official release on the Security Page, you will be able to appoint three to five friends who will be designated as trusted friends. These friends will be sent special codes if you are locked out and are unable to access email as well.