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Bluetooth devices have become the first choice for the gadget lovers. Thanks to its fantastic functionality! Recently, another gadget has been added to the list of numerous Bluetooth gadgets by a leading name in the world of wireless internet radios. Yes, it is Grace Digital.

Grace Digital Audio – The Name Synonymous with Wireless Internet Radios

This company offers a range of audio products sporting high quality, services and support. Whether it is wireless internet radio or outdoor/indoor wireless speakers, Grace has all kinds of innovative audio solutions for you. Having Grace’s products means enjoying convenience and control.

Grace Digital has unveiled its latest creation – the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver. This receiver is for the music lovers who enjoy the company of other music lovers and wish to share the tunes with one another.


This receiver operates when it is connected to home stereo or car stereo by means of RCA connectors, 3.5 mm analog jack or optical TOSLINK jack available with this wireless receiver. After this, 3 DJs can connect their music players or Bluetooth smartphones and start the LIVE playlist right away. This is just one of the many unique features associated with Grace Digital’s 3-Play.

However, one thing is still not clear as to whether this device is equipped with any sort of app or adjoining software that can create as well as manage the said playlist. If no such app or software is present, the 3-Play Audio receiver is likely to give rise to some chaotic situation. The start-stop will be a nightmare in that case – the DJs will battle amongst themselves regarding the current soundtrack and the songs will never finish. But, there is nothing to fear. Soon, Grace Digital will update facts regarding these inquiries.


The portable 3-Play features an extended memory which can store up to 7 Bluetooth devices thereby providing you with easy and quick accessibility for your music mates. Are your friends picky audiophiles? Nothing to worry about. The audio receiver features audio optimization through SBC, AAC aptX high bitrate support. The high bandwidth of the Bluetooth connection of this device offers it the flexibility of connection. The rechargeable in-built Lithium-ion battery of the device enables it to give pleasure to its users for around 10 hours.

The 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver will require you to shell out $99.99 USD. Is this a hefty investment for you? Well, its functionality pays for the price you bear for the device. It has the capacity of converting a home stereo to a Bluetooth-based system any time. If you are a gizmo enthusiast interested in buying many such innovative and advanced gadgets try free classified ads in Bangladesh. You can surely find a suitable deal for you from these ads.

Special Attractions

If you are looking for versatility in an audio player, pick this audio receiver from Grace Digital. Firstly, it gives you the facility to connect simultaneously 3 smartphones to a home stereo. Thus, with this high-end audio receiver, you can share your favorite music with your friends without disconnecting and reconnecting your mobile devices. All you have to do is hit the ‘Play’ button on any of your smartphones and the party begins!!!

This is not the end. There is more to it! You can also connect this 3-Play device with a car stereo and use it as a mobile device. It can be a perfect and decent companion for your boring road trips, no matter how long it is. Its outstanding battery backup will keep you amused all through. You can enjoy thoroughly while you are on wheels. Besides all these, the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver boast of flexible connectivity by the provision of 3.5 mm jack or RCA jack.

In this context, the CEO of Grace Digital Audio, Greg Fadul said, “With the 3-Play, our music-loving customers have more options for their tunes by collaborating with three Bluetooth enabled devices.” He further added, “Perfect for a party with your friends, the 3-Play keeps the music going seamlessly or it can shift the music mood with a simple click.”

Are you excited to experience this Bluetooth device? Music fanatics will certainly like to enjoy its company and turn their home stereo into a wireless audio system in no time.

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A common complaint with smartphones is that the battery often seems to need charging constantly. When smartphones were first pioneered, everyone loved the idea of having everything they need at their fingertips, but they didn’t think that 24/7 access to Facebook or watching television when they wanted to on their device would drain the battery. The reality quickly became clear, however, and we all came to realise that, shock horror, listening to music or watching Lost uses more juice than playing Snake on an old Nokia handset.

It isn’t all doom and gloom on the smartphone front though, as there are many examples that are delivering brilliant battery life. It is important to note that many of the better ones are newer models, proving that manufacturers do listen to consumers to some extent, and don’t just tell us what we should like and believe, an accusation levelled at Apple and Google, amongst others, in recent months.

Here are the top five smartphones based on their battery life, with timings courtesy of Timings are based on continuous 4G browsing, with screen brightness at 40%.



LG’s latest smartphone is top of the class when it comes to battery life, delivering an astonishing 13 hours and 44 minutes. LG have been marketing this phone by boasting about the appearance and the screen size. If they threw this fact in there, tech lovers would have another tick in the box when trying to make their choice. The handset is already being labelled as a market leader, and its similarity to the Google Nexus 4, on which they worked alongside Google, is another factor that’ll make it a success.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Those who wish to buy this “phablet” and enjoy extended battery life will be delighted with this result. One might have expected its bigger screen and significant size to make it a beast on the battery, but it still hits double figures with 11 and a quarter hours of continuous use, which gives it more than enough for charging each morning and using at work with confidence you’ll get the full day, uninterrupted, from your device.

Motorola Droid Maxx


Although Motorola have fallen down the pecking order in recent years, and admittedly this phone isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing on the eye, if you want great battery life from a smartphone and a competitive price point, the Droid Maxx could be for you. It doesn’t quite hit 10 hours, coming in at 09:52 on the clock, but it is still a great option if you need to rely on regular use throughout the day.



Interestingly, this model had better battery life when used with the T-Mobile network, delivering eight and a quarter hours of use. As HTC look to this handset to re-establish a market foothold against Apple and Samsung’s dominance, they’ve made this available at a relatively low cost, so you could be onto a winner if you opt for this model. If you need further convincing, Tech Radar recently called it the best phone in the world, which is quite the endorsement.

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung make their second appearance with another flagship model, although the S4 ‘only’ offers just over 6 and a half hours of continuous use. If you’re an intermittent user of your smartphone, however, that is more than enough for getting you through the day without the need to charge.

If battery life is a key factor in your buying decisions, make these five phones top of your shopping list.

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This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit and Snakebytez .

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The HTC One Mini is another mile stone in HTC products, it has quite impressive design and attractive design. Since its launch HTC One Mini has captured lot of smart phone market. As the name suggests, it is a smaller Smartphone but it has quite innovative features which others lack. In this review we will about, how it differs from the larger model, which things shall be positive and negative.

Processing & Design

The appearance of the Mini One was taken from the HTC One. That falls on everyone who knows the larger model. Except for a few things, both devices look similar. The housing is not a unibody, but consists of a plurality of metal parts that were put together seamlessly. The back is completely made of anodized aluminum. It is enclosed by a white plastic frame. This is shiny and looks a little like a bumper. If you look at the larger HTC One, you take the first optical difference, in the HTC One, the edges are milled from a diamond. This method produces a high-quality metal and sparkling look.


Return to the front side: the intermediate metal plates above and below, HTC has installed the glass stamp Gorilla Corning Glass 3. It is resistant, but not unbreakable. Although the HTC one mini is extremely slim with its 132mm size, it is good and safe hands..It has thickness of 9.2 mm and with the existing battery that weighs 128g.

Battery & Memory

HTC One and HTC mini both closed frame and quite elegant look. Battery has good life, requires regular charging. But If user want to replace battery with a nominal charge of 1,800mAh he might find it difficult in case of HTC mini. It has quite attractive features for batter charging. As this set is LTE, WIFI enabled usage with WIFI give 16 hours backup. This set offer quite good storage for users who want have lot data in the phone, but unfortunately the memory is not expandable. HTC mini has 16GB internal non expandable storage. Further if we calculate software storage, the user will approx 11GB space left which can store approx 3,600 MP3s, 110 applications, 11 movies or 900 minutes or 7,300 mini video recorded with the one pictures.



HTC One mini has quite attractive and featured specifications like HTC One. Some of the Major specifications are as follows:

Board NameM4
Dimensions132mm high x 63mm wide x 9.2mm thick at 122g
Operating SystemOS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8930)
Internal memory16 GB
Cellular Services SupportedGSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA + with 42Mbit / s / LTE with 100 Mbit / s over 800MHz, 1.800MHz, 2.600MHz
User InterfaceBluetooth 4.0 with aptX; WLAN 802.11 abgn above 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
DisplayLiquid crystal (Super Liquid Crystal Display 2) with 4.3 inch size
Display ResolutionHigh Definition (1,280 × 720 pixels, 16:9)
Camera4-megapixel (2,688 × 1,520 pixels), aperture number ƒ / 2

1.6 megapixel (1088 * 1456 pixels) Aperture ƒ/2.2 number



The HTC One mini features two cameras, HTC Ultra pixel camera on the back and a 1.6 megapixel camera on the front side. The user can take quality photos from front and back it offer back shoot with 4 megapixels with light. The aperture is ƒ / 2 wide open and allow light through. It has quite good quality recording services. Recordings that you make in low light or at dusk, although some noise, but you can see some of the subject and the environment. The fact that the resolution is small, the large sensor can capture three hundred percent more light than conventional 13-megapixel cameras. Overall, the results are good, but not perfect. It lacks slightly more color saturation and sharpness. User can record videos in full high definition format, audio and video are fine. It has quite good photo light for situations where there is no light is present.


The HTC Sense camera application offers two modes: Normal for ordinary photographs with numerous settings and HTC Zoe for dynamic shots that allow the change of moving subjects, and touch. Zoe recordings fundamentally offers recoding with multiple images, one has no simple photos, but moving moments. This can be seen in the living gallery.


HTC One mini is great set to have, it has all featured specifications with elegant design and looks. It has exceptional camera offering HD recoding. If you are android lover and want to have some think innovative and different that HTC One mini is the smart phone set you are looking.

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Samsung has announced that the first Smartwatch is about to be launched – their much-lauded Galaxy Gear will make an appearance at a trade show in Germany this September. However, before you get too excited, this watch is still technically at the ‘concept’ stage, and Samsung has said it is unlikely to go on general sale immediately after the show. It also doesn’t contain the flexible screen technology Samsung said all their future devices would be made with, so what’s happened to the manufacturer’s dreams of launching flexible technology on the world this year?

Samsung is proud of its Smartwatch, which, they claim, will “…lead a new trend in smart mobile communications.” They’re also confident that it will add ‘meaningful momentum to the mobile industry’, although as yet nobody’s quite sure what that actually means. But the biggest back-pedal as far as the industry is concerned is the noticeable lack of flexible technology incorporated into the design of the screen, something that Samsung said the Galaxy Gear would definitely have.

Off colour…

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that’s keeping this technology in the ‘concept’ stage rather than pushing it into full mass production is the difficulty in reproducing the same palette of colours that you get with the usual LCD technology. Innovation companies such as Plastic Logic are making considerable inroads into this area, but even they believe there is a way to go before plastic electronics have the same range of hues and tones as their traditional counterparts.


The current flexible displays have a palette of around 4000 colours, and are produced by laminating an RGBW filter on top of a monochrome display. Even so, these colours are still a little muted when compared to a standard LCD. But progress is being made, and Plastic Logic’s CEO Indro Mukerjee is confident that they will make a breakthrough in colour technology for flexible electronics in the near future. It could also have a wealth of potential applications, including a smartwatch that’s thinner and more lightweight than the somewhat clunky designs being showcased at the moment, as well as being far more robust.

“Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is particularly significant, since the same process could enable unbreakable, flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED,” explained Indro Mukerjee recently.

Innovation, or application?

Innovation is one thing. Application is quite another. Currently, the innovation is outstripping the applications, although the potential for flexible plastic electronics is huge. Perhaps the mistake that Samsung has made at this juncture is to issue press releases and launches demonstrating concepts, but without the actual commercial venture to bring these ideas to market. Fundamentally, Samsung has jumped the gun a little. What others in the industry such as Plastic Logic have done is to examine not only the potential but also the practical applications to which plastic electronics could be applied. They’re also not as constrained by commercial considerations as perhaps Samsung is.

So rather than being led by manufacturers, over the next couple of years we may see the development of flexible electronics being led instead by R&D companies, who have a little bit more freedom to explore all the possible permutations that this 21st Century technology offers.

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The Acer Iconia W3 was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2013 as it was the first full Windows 8 tablet that was attempting to take on the iPad Mini, and it was a bold move by Microsoft to try and regain market share in the mobile sector. It was a combined effort by Acer and Microsoft to bring Windows 8 to the massive mobile market but it seems that the tablet has somewhat fallen flat and its features leave much to be desired. The tablet has struggled with both its comfort factor and design and a rather weighty issue has arisen with users saying that it is heavy for its size, especially since Apple has trimmed down the Mini to only 7.2mm thick, making the Iconia chunkier than consumers would have liked.

The less than stellar reception the tablet has received has seen Acer is already prepping for a lighter, leaner version within months of launching original. Capitalising on still being the only 8 inch Windows 8 based tablet on the market, it seems like the new version is set to be released as early as September and will hopefully be met with a better reception from mobile device users.

A refreshed version would assumedly look at rectifying some of the consumer and reviewer complaints that the device received, mostly based on the poor display and bulky size. Acer Netherlands spokesperson Sterre Swank confirmed that the refreshed tablet would be thinner and lighter, and whilst there is no official confirmation that the display will be improved upon, it’s likely that Acer will want to ensure that they offer consumers a better product and will replace the current panel with something superior.

A change in the display panel would positively affect the weight and bulkiness of the device and improve the viewing angles which have been subject to much criticism. Users have complained that the colours are dull, the images not sharp and that much of the text appears to have fuzzy edging or are blurred. The current TN-LCD W3 panel should be replaced with an IPS based version as this would greatly help the 1280X800 pixel display offer better image quality. IPS displays have better colour vibrancy and offer better viewing angles than TN displays and although they cost more that hasn’t stopped devices like the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 from using them.

The disappointing display was a sticking point for the tablet but many consumers purchased the device due to its OS and size. The size is ideal for gaming at a sites that features fast paced, interactive entertainment, and if the quality of the panel is improved it could become one of the most popular Windows gaming tablets on the market. As the first and currently only Windows 8 tablet available, many Microsoft loyal consumers have purchased the device and will most likely stand in line to acquire an updated version as soon as it is released.

The current 8 inch tablet is using an Intel Atom dual core 1.5GHz processor and has 2GB of RAM. As yet there’s no news to whether this will be upgraded or remain the same in the new device as it is a competitive offering and on par with many other top brands specs. The processor packs a punch and is incredibly responsive, allowing apps to load exceptionally fast and navigation to be almost instantaneous. It is hoped that a new release would incorporate USB 3.0 but this is not an essential, although in order to keep up with the fast pace of tech developments it may be a good idea to add this feature. Positives of the tablet that Acer need not address and many users would prefer to remain as is are the free license of MS Office Home Edition, an HDMI port that allows you to connect and share content with a larger monitor or TV and the option to expand the internal memory of 32 GB by using a microSD.

When the highly anticipated tablet was released at Computex a UK spokesperson for the company said that it was aimed at users who were looking for a device that matched fun and productivity, and the quick turnaround time on the predicted release of a newer, improved version shows Acers commitment to this promise. A lighter, leaner Iconia W3 would be a welcome addition to the mobile market and it’s impressive to note how quickly Microsoft and Acer are adjusting their product to meet the demands of the user and satisfy the ever growing tablet user base with a device that aims to meet comfort and performance requirements.

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There are so many laptops coming up every now and then but choosing the ones that are most affordable and the correct laptop is quite confusing task. The year 2013 brings many such laptops which can be purchased within your budget. There is a list of 10 best laptops here to choose from at affordable prices, while considering these first think about what your requirements are and important factors let it be the screen size or battery life. All these factors are important to keep in mind as that will save you a great deal of money and help getting best laptops.

HP Envy 6-1126sa (Sleekbook)


This model HP Envy is worth having a look at for those with a budget. Its features are very simple with a large screen size, decent audio for enjoying movies and music, powerful battery life and a comfortable keyboard makes the overall use a joyful experience in everyday task, overall a tempting device.

Asus VivoBook (Model no.S200)


This laptop offers good looks, sleek performance; operation is touch screen with excellent portability and at a very good price. It keeps the power consumption at minimum level and provides fast performance for executing the daily tasks.

Lenovo IdealPad (S405)


This Lenovo laptop is very attractive with bottom line pricing. It is best for home use but its smart and lightweight feature makes it a good option to buy. The booting is nice and fast and the tasks like web browsing, watching movies, playing games and other tasks are done easily.

Samsung Chrome Book Series 3


This laptop comes cheap in comparison to few tablets and runs only Google chrome and other related web applications. If you think all your work could be done using Google apps then this laptop is best for you with good portability, simplicity, silent operation with affordable price.

Dell XPS 15


Dell XPS has excellent hardware configuration, has HD display with superb performance. It boasts large spec sheet and overall is very impressive.

Toshiba satellite (Z930-10X)


The laptop is thin, powerful, light and great for handling many tasks together. It has amazing integrated graphics with average audio. It maintains good balance with affordability. This could be overall an exceptional purchase.

Dell Inspiron (17-3721)


This laptop has features that are user friendly, large sized screen, good performance and comes within a budget. It needs a must look.

Sony Vaio (Duo 11)


The laptop holds complete Intel Core that powers this sliding tablet. With a screen size of 11.6 inches it enables running windows program.

Mac Book Air (Mid 2013)


This Apple product consists of fourth generation i5 processor with 13 inches screen and shows a decent performance. The battery lifeis over 15 hours because of its ultra-portable feature. For business use and faster operation this laptop is perfect for example storing huge information and used in business operations and training such as Business Objects Training Tips

Lenovo G580


Lenovo laptop has a leading performance with admirable features and is an excellent device for the money involved.

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After the launch of Samsung Galaxy 4 from the Korean firm, and an identical knock of the success of the high-end Smartphone, S4 is predictably noticeable. With hopes to continue this series of amazing unbeaten Smart phones from the house of Samsung, the Korean company is expecting a reboot with its upcoming gadget, Samsung Galaxy note 3.

If sources are to be believed, then Samsung would again be coming with a super-sized handset which would be even more astonishing, proposing the fact that the device’s size is going to be even bigger, even than its predecessor, Note 2 which had already heaved the eyebrows because of its super-sized display.

Executive of Samsung, J.K Shin has already gave the official signal of the launch of Samsung Galaxy note 3, disclosing that it would possess a non-flexible 5.9-inch OLED display.

We’ve been collecting Note 3 news since a while and you shall find what all we know, below.

Announcement and Release Date

There has been no official signal from the company about the exact time of arrival for Note 3 but all we can predict is that the device should come up, “Later this Year”.

But we have a tentative that Note 3 would come up with it launch at September, two days before IFA in Berlin opens, which makes a sense of potential launch date.


As we already shared above about what Samsung Executive revealed along with official signal of launch of Note 3 i.e. disclosing that it would possess a non-flexible 5.9-inch OLED display which would be a non bendy full 1080 pixel screen.


Being one of the noticeable features in the Galaxy Series, Note 3 is most likely or guaranteed to ship with S-Pen. We can do expect some innovativeness from the Korean firm; as what the Sony did in the Xperia Ultra Z and included a feature that would allow users to use such screen technology that enables users to use any dry ink pen or general pencil without even denting the display and this, a similar initiative can be expected from Samsung too.


Since Note 3 is demanded as an ultra power device, it is likely to possess a 3GB of RAM which would again help users to perform smooth multi-tasking and the news about the Note 3 memory i.e. 3GB is confirmed and which thus makes it a very powerful gadget.


If it comes to the Megapixel count, there’ve been further leaks revealing about the 13MP rear camera.

Design and build

If sources are to be believed, online claims show that Note 3 would possess a metallic body which would actually evolve designing language of the Galaxy Series.

Operating System

With Note 3 to be released later this year, many hopes would be expecting it to run on the latest build of Google’s Android operating system, version 5.0 i.e. Android Key Lime Pie. Since Google has still been silent over the release of Android 5.0, then Note 3 enthusiasts can instead expect that it would release on Android 4.2.2 or possibly an alleged Android 4.3 Update.


We can expect a hefty price tag and thus, Note 3 will probably setback at a price of at least £550, with regional variations might include.