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Google has launched a new version of the Android operating system regularly, say every six months. The latest version, the Jelly Bean 4.2, is by far the most impressive and best performing operating system to date.

It’s understandable then that many Android users are now excited to see what’s next in the Android world. Many want better responsiveness — phones that look elegant but are fluid in operation.

And it seems that users will indeed get what they wish for. Google has announced that it will soon release Key Lime Pie (KLP) 5.0 and it will make its market debut with the next Nexus device i.e. Nexus 5. Below are some of the features that users can expect.

Better Use of Processor

KLP 5.0 is expected to run on quad core processors for better performance. Multi tasking will be improved and as the processors are come with additional graphics processors (GPU), users will get maximum resolution and gorgeous display.

More Quality Apps

Android may be the most popular OS now but still it still doesn’t have some of the apps that make iOS preferred by many smartphone users. Google is expected to come up with new, better apps to its next version of the Android.

Smoothest Interface

Moving from one app to another within the smartphone or tablet will be even smoother in KLP 5.0.

New Impressive Look

Google is expected to come up with a unique look in the next version of Android. We predict that we will see the best Android look ever in this next version.

Better Battery Life

Jelly Bean 4.2. gave users the best battery life for their device and everyone is looking up to Google to improve on that in Key Lime Pie.

Google Now

This app is a revolution and it will affect the daily life of smartphone users. Google will add more tweaks and features in the next version of Google will also increase its deep integration among the OS.

Key Lime Pie Launch Date

Google I/O is going to be live soon from May 14, 2013 and it is expected that Google will launch the Key Lime Pie in that event.

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Privacy on the internet has become as rare as oxygen in space. But there is no oxygen in space, you say. No, there isn’t. And the notion that there is privacy on the internet is a myth. As a citizen of the current day and age, you must come across loads of technology in your everyday life, whether it be your text message service, your TiVo, or the funky alarm app on your iPhone. And whether you know it or not, whether you care or not, pretty much everything you do is monitored and tracked.


Still finding it hard to believe? Here are some doses of reality to get you acquainted with the fact that Google is not your online savior, rather the equivalent of your feudal warlord.

1. Google Lies

In a recent case involving Google being fined by the Courts, it was found that Google had actually hacked the Safari browser settings for iPhone and iPad and was installing cookies on them. Then Google covered the hack by claiming the original settings were intact. And all to get in on iPhone user data (more efficiently than iPhone spy app does) and advertise Google+ some more. And later, when the charge was found to be true and Google could no longer deny it, they downplayed the privacy trespassing as nothing all that harmful.

2. Google tracks you everywhere

As of March this year Google openly stated that it is introducing a new project which collects user data from 60 of its services- – a whopping number. There is really no way you can escape all sixty of those services. And this is all because of those annoying cookies Google leaves all over your browser to track what you’re up to. And more terrifyingly, it tracks you from every medium every device. Whether it be you using YouTube from a device, make a call or download something using an Android, or even use an obscure phone with AT&T or Verizon as your carrier, Google knows what you’re up to. The sheer relentlessness of the surveillance is enough to unnerve anyone.

3. Google doesn’t have any real security

 Ok, so if you have a soft spot for Google even after this, then you should realize that Google doesn’t secure you from hackers (other than itself) either. Google offers  two step Gmail verfication which can be of little help. Everyone knows that hackers have that (and the even lamer security question feature) on their fingertips and can access your email account within the blink of an eye. It’s shameful that with all the resources and online suave that Google has, it can’t come up with decent ways to protect your information from fellow users, forget malware professionals and cell phone monitoring apps. It’s hard to believe they don’t possess the technology (they can overcome browser security with the snap of a finger) to help us on that front. Bottom-line is security is your concern, not theirs.

Initially, when the web tracking and cell phone monitoring practices became public, it was always thought that this was being done by shadow companies and big businessman sitting in foreign lands with uncomprehendable agendas. The enemy was so far no one really thought twice about it. But the truth is, one of the biggest trackers of everything you do online is Google. The internet giant we have all come to rely on for years has joined the dark side. Or perhaps was always on it, we were just too excited about a colossal search engine to notice. And now the truth is iPhone spy app is more the foreign myth and Google the monstrous reality.

To sum up, Google is no longer the promise of a bright online universe. Instead it’s the overlord no one can really challenge. Yet. Come to terms with the fact that as you marvel over new Google services, your privacy slips away. Only then will any action prove fruitful.

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The largest search engine on earth, Google would like to provide the best in class search results. In order to keep its commitment to offer quality search results to the vast user segment spread across the globe, Google will update the algorithm applied to check the website rankings on a periodic basis.

In recent times, two updates launched by Google namely Panda and Penguin were successful in arresting spam sites and improving the rankings of genuine websites. While Panda update’s focus is to catch spun content posted on various sites, Penguin update’s focus is to track spam links. Google-Penguin-Update


How to recover from Penguin’s setbacks

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to recover a website from Penguin setback. However, by understanding the way how Penguin algorithm treats various links posted on a website, you will improve your site ranking. If your website was already hit with Penguin update, there is every reason to explore remedial measures to straighten your site’s record.

  • If your site has number of inward and outward links ‘coming from’ and ‘going to’ low quality sites, chances are more that your website will be treated as a spam site. You are required to go for guest posting on blogs and sites which offer high quality content. If you resort to purchase backlinks you are inviting trouble from Penguin. If links are flowing to your site from spam sites, you should request respective sites to remove links to your site.
  • It is also important to ensure that links flow to and from your site to related websites. If you are featuring technology related posts on your website and links are flowing to sites that focus on personality, finance, etc. your website will come under the Penguin scanner. It is time to cross check links posted on your site and irrelevant links should be removed. You should ensure that at least 20% of the links flowing from your site should belong to related sites.
  • If you are using the same keywords as anchor texts on a number of websites, Penguin will treat the process as spam. Hence, you are required to use different keywords at different locations.
  • You should focus more on the audience rather than on SEO aspects. It has become a passion to plan everything in search engine point of view. Although search engine optimization is required to attract relevant users, it should not overtake the convenience of users.
  • The content provided on your site should be user friendly. Unnecessary distractions by offering advertisements beyond reasonable limit will attract penalization from Penguin.
  • You should focus navigational aspects in user point of view. Navigation from one page to another page and navigation within the page should be smooth and distraction free. You can take suggestions and feedback from your readers to improve the layout and navigation on your site.
  • It is customary to include sponsored links on a certain set of articles. As Penguin cares for links present in content rather than posting in the header and footer area, you should ensure that most of the links are present in the body.


You should try all the means mentioned above to fare well with Penguin or to recover from Penguin setback. One important fact is that there is a difference between Penguin and Panda recovery. There are reports that even genuine sites offering high quality content were affected by Penguin update. After taking all the necessary precautions, if you notice that your site still suffers, you can file report to Google.

As Google is committed to provide quality search results, you should not resort to black hat SEO tricks. As Penguin eye is more on sites whose life is less than one year, less than one year sites should be very careful in the way they procure new links to the site. If links are being piled up on these sites at rocket speed, those sites will come under the Penguin’s microscope.

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Everyone whose site is ranking on Google wants sitelinks to come with their site. These links are generated automatically by Google; you just need to follow some rules to get them. So let see what all we need to do to make Google award you with Google SiteLinks.

What Are Google Sitelinks?

These are the automatically generated links by Google Algorithm. They appear below your main site url coming on Google search result page. Sitelinks are the links of other important pages of your site. Google create them to make search better for its users. Also it provides a direct link or shortcut to other valuable pages of the website.

The owner of the site does not have any control over sitelinks, Google Algorithm randomly choose the links which he considers to be valuable. But in webmaster central account a webmaster can block the pages coming as the sitelinks of their site. Maximum numbers of sitelinks shown for a site are 6.

For E.G. below is the Sitelinks Shown for Snakebytez:

Advantages of Having Google SiteLinks of Your Website

The first and the most important advantage is increase in traffic to your site from Google search engine and eventually it increases your site Click Through Rate (CTR) also.
Another advantage of having sitelinks is increased authority of your site on Google. As Google provide sitelinks to valuable and authoritative sites only. It’s like a indication from Google of your site being a good site. And above all it gives you a good feeling seeing your blog being awarded with Sitelinks by Google.

Things to do to Get Google Site Links for Your Website

There is no official announcement made by Google in order to achieve Sitelinks. On the basis of analysis the assumptions has been made, that Sitelinks are based on the performance history of the site in Google records.

Following measures should be taken in order to get Site Links for your website from Google.

  1. Good Quality Backlinks: Major factor responsible in getting good Google ranking is good quality backlinks. Quantity as well as quality of the links both matters. Try to establish your brand name via backlinks.
  2. Maximum Number of Indexed Pages: Pages indexed with the name of your site matters to Google. Try to get references of your site from valuable sites.
  3. Domain Age Matters: This is one of the main factors in generating your website Sitelinks. Older the domain the chances of getting Sitelinks increases.
  4. No.1 Google Ranking: Get the top rank for your website for the search term you want to generate the Sitelinks for, and only that you ranking should be consistent for 1st position.
  5. Good Site Navigation: Site want have Sitelinks should have well-structured navigational links.
  6. Optimized Site: Properly optimize your site. Add keyword rich Meta tags, add anchor text to the navigational links.

Follow these tips and try to get Sitelinks for your websites from Google.

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Everyone loves Google, but Firefox is such a familiar, helpful friend that getting used to Google’s Chrome browser can take a little time. To speed up the process, we’re presenting our list of top ten Google Chrome shortcuts.


OK, some of these aren’t technically shortcuts, but they are handy time-savers.

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If you have a website, chances are that you have invested heavily into getting it up and running, not just financially, but also time in research and development. But, now that you have it, you want it to get noticed.

There are several avenues that website owners have taken to promote their hard work. Some of them are quite time consuming, while others are costly, with varying success rates.

When you have something that people are looking for whether that be a product, or information, then you need to let them know you have it. Search engines can be utilized to generate new traffic by employing keywords and phrases dispersed throughout your articles and website content.

You can also use photo images. I am not talking about simply grabbing attention in an article by adding images that will attract those who are browsing. Photos, like pages, can also be ranked in the “photo” search engines, such as Google Images.

You can hire someone to take them. Or, the photos can be those you have taken yourself, and published “as is”, or you could do a a little cropping or resizing or even hire a professional photo retoucher to bring them to the next level.

Read on to learn more.

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web-hosting-google Finding a suitable answer to this question is definitely impossible without knowing for sure what Google web hosting offers its users. First of all, it is important to know that Google provides free web hosting, which can be easily found on the Google Sites. The tools that Google provides together with the free web hosting offer enable users to create great web pages without putting in too much effort. Therefore, this web hosting alternative is also suitable for beginners. Additionally, the information is going to be stored in your account so you can easily check it and change your website the way you want it, when you want it.

Google Web Hosting: The Most Essential Features That You Should Know

Prior to analyzing some other aspects that relate to Google web hosting, you should discover the most important features of this service. Thus, Google provides the followings:

  • The best Google technology and tools have been included into the free web hosting service. A very useful tool, especially for clubs and organizations, is the one that allows a webmaster to give access to different people in order to post information on the website.
  • Google provides different pre-made templates, which can be very helpful especially for new webmasters who do not posses the right skills for website creation.
  • The editor function relates to the type “what you see is what you get,” also known as WYSIWYG. This feature helps users to add pages and content the way they want it.
  • The page creation function allows you to create numerous pages. Furthermore, the edit function enables you to customize the pages the way you want.

What Google Web Hosting Can Actually Do For Your Business

The first important thing in Google website creation section is the fact that the configurations and plug-ins are very easy to use, allowing users to make different adjustments. Additionally, Google allows you to add more functionality on your website after creating it. Thus, with a little bit of knowledge and work, your website will look just like the creation of a professional.

A truly great advantage that Google web hosting provides is the fact that your website can benefit from more traffic than those websites, which are accommodated by other web hosting alternatives. And this is because Google itself imposes specific rules so that the websites that it hosts are the first ones to be promoted if they respect those requirements. Therefore, the main condition for enjoying heavy traffic is to respect Google’s requirements.

A Few Drawbacks

Although many people consider that Google web hosting is a great choice, there are a few disadvantages that you should know prior to choosing this alternative. All those who intend to develop a personal, basic web page should definitely choose Google web hosting. But, if you are searching for web hosting in order to develop a professional website, maybe you should consider getting some other alternatives.

  • The reason that lies behind this advice relates to the fact that Google provides limited tools and resources.
  • The space quota shows 100 megabytes storage space and 20 megabytes for attachments. These values are not suitable for a business website. For only a few dollars a month, you can enjoy the services of a web hosting company, which provides numerous tools and unlimited resources.
  • Additionally, Google does not allow users to select a specific domain name.
  • Moreover, Google can delete your website if something looks suspicious or the action represents a benefit to the host itself. In conclusion, the free Google web hosting might meet the demands of numerous individuals. However, it is essential to bear in mind that this alternative does not represent the best possible choice for a business website, which expects an increase in its activity.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Panda

google-panda-update To understand the Google Panda update, you need to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization. For those who don’t know, search engines operate on complicated algorithms designed to pick out the best content on the web given the search terms you provide. Such content is found using a variety of factors—specifically the quality and relevance of pages, the architecture of the website and HTML, the number and quality of links to the site, the social reputation of the site, whether the site is a trusted authority and has a good history, and the location of the material on the website in relation to the searcher (example: someone searching in Minnesota will uncover more websites that hail from or are related to Minnesota than someone searching in Alaska). For this reason, companies that once offered web hosting decided to provide also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will serve as a guide in making sure your website or blog appear in search engine results have become an increasing interest for people trying to be successful on the internet. After all, for those trying to launch a successful business online, getting more hits from Google (the most popular search engine on the Web) can mean money.