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How to get rid of spy applications for Android?

While conducting a recent study, researchers found that several Android apps screen data on your device on a regular basis and share it with various sources. Some Android apps do this in all innocence...

Three Simple Ways to Send Big Files Online 1

Three Simple Ways to Send Big Files Online

Sending large files over the internet can be a real hassle. E-mail doesn’t work very well because most e-mail servers have strict limits on the sizes of attachments. If you’ve ever tried to send...

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How To Save a Wet Phone

A cell phone is the most prized possession for almost everybody and it is very annoying and disturbing if something happens to the cell phones. However, we are all human and bound to make...

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Server Security: Are You Doing Enough?

Anti-virus software? Check. Firewall? Check. Complicated password, complete with letters, numbers and symbols? Check. You might think that incorporating those common security protocols is guaranteed protection for your company’s servers, and to a certain...

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How to Transfer Files to BlackBerry Phones

Think of a BlackBerry phone like a room. Without any file inside it, then you should expect an empty, spacious room with nothing but the basics like windows, doors, floor, and the ceiling. You...


Android: To Root or Not to Root, and How-To

I think almost every Android user have heard about the root rights for their devices. And many users actively use the rights of a ‘superuser’, while some people are afraid to do so because...