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Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Android

YouTube have introduced a new feature to view videos offline. The new Offline feature allows Android users to download videos which can be viewed later even without internet usability. Videos can now be downloaded...

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Finding a Good Web Host through Social Media

Before the advent of social media, most website owners primarily used search engines to find a good web hosting service. Most of web hosting providers relied on traditional search engine optimization to increase rankings...


Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing experts make mistakes promoting their websites because of inexperience, ineptitude or plain greediness. Here is a list of a few things that you should not do if you want to succeed at...


10 Creative Examples of QR Coding in the Wild

The recent proliferation of smartphones and rising popularity of social media have sparked a revolution in the marketing world. QR codes, which can store more data and be more easily scanned than traditional UPC...

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5 Tools to Help Protect Yourself Against Hackers

  Serious hacking threats/attempts that cause the government and private companies millions of dollars are routinely in the news these days. What is not reported, however, is the fact that millions of individual computers...

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Ways to Improve Your Online Store

The online shopping landscape has been heavily developed the past several years. This means that to own and operate a successful online store, it must be continually improved. It needs to be simple, convenient...