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Social media provides an opportunity to share what you have to say or find an audience for your creative projects. It’s also a way to “meet” new friends online and find like-minded people. Whether you’re using social media to promote a product, service or brand, or you want to attract new followers, take the time to favorite, repost and like other people’s social media posts — but take caution not to overdo it.

Demonstrate Your Thoughts

Choosing to retweet someone’s post makes the post a part of your feed. Similarly, depending on your and the original poster’s privacy settings, liking a Facebook post can put it on your feed — but sharing a post will definitely put it on your feed. The same goes for reposting a Tumblr entry. Most social media websites have a “share” or “repost” option that does this.

When you repost something, you’re sharing your thoughts on a subject or showing your followers a thought you agree with. The original poster also is notified that you reposted on many of these platforms, which means they’re more likely to look at what you have to say.

Interact With the Poster

You don’t have to repost a post to your feed if you don’t want your followers tracking your activity. For example, favoriting a tweet does not put the tweet on your feed — but it does send a notification to the original poster. Similarly, sometimes liking a post on Facebook doesn’t put the post on your feed, if you or the original poster has privacy settings set up so that won’t happen; however, in both instances, the original poster receives a notification.

The goal of getting those notifications to the original poster is to show them you’re paying attention to what they post and you share similar views, or you’re supportive of their news. If you pick and choose which of these posts you choose to favorite or like, eventually the poster may pay more attention to your posts and add you as a friend or follower if they haven’t already. Facebook is designed so the posts of those you interact with the most appear at the top of your news feed.

Get More Followers

When you retweet, favorite and like other people’s social media posts, they’re more likely to follow you. Once they follow you, their followers may take notice and become potential followers of your social media profiles. For example, when you retweet a post, you’ll lead some of your followers to the original poster. If you’ve managed to attract the attention of another poster by interacting with them regularly, they’re more likely to repost what you have to say, too.

Also, many social media platforms will put up profiles of followers of your followers and ask you if you know them. The more followers you and another person have in common, the more likely you are to appear on their news-feed page, prompting them to add you.

Don’t Be Confused With Spam

Put some thought into what you like or favorite. Yes, the original posters receive a notification of your like or favorite, but if they see you liking everything they post day after day, they’ll probably confuse you with a spammer or a stalker.

If you hope for your like, retweet or favorite to lead to the poster following you, be selective. Favorite tweets that mean something to you — that demonstrates an opinion you agree with or a piece of news you’re happy to hear about. Avoid favoriting, liking or retweeting more than one or two posts from the same person in a day, and go even longer between likes if you don’t want to seem overbearing.

Interacting with others on social media is key to receiving attention from other users. As Social Media Today explains, taking the time to favorite a tweet or like a Facebook post — or any social media option — is integral to optimizing your social media experience. In one stroke, you build a relationship both with your existing followers and potential followers.

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tv-real life

Television has been an influential medium to people for over 50 years, starting with shows like “I Love Lucy” in the 1950’s to influential reality programs of today like “The Biggest Loser” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” Whether it is a quirky comedy or intense competition show, television truly contributes to the shaping of lives.

Many famous actors grew up watching sitcoms and television movies, and got their inspiration from the actors they watched on the screen, and in today’s world, people can become motivated to change their lives by any handful of competition or makeover shows. We learn what is going on in other parts of the world by watching the news, and television is also a great way to escape from the realities of life for a few hours a night. Here are some programs that have proven to be a positive influence over the years.

I Love Lucy

Believe it or not, Lucille Ball is a true television pioneer, and her hard work and dedication allowed her to have huge success in a male-dominated business. While I Love Lucy was a comedy, Lucille Ball was an inspiration to women all around the world in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her television program showed women that it was okay to be funny, and her amazing business sense inspired women to break free from the mold and go after their dreams.

I Love Lucy was such a popular show, that businesses would literally close when the program aired. Everyone with a television tuned in for the famous episode where Lucy tells Ricky she is pregnant, which was considered a bit controversial back then. The world also watched as Little Ricky grew up in front of the camera. Lucy and Ricky were a part of everyone’s family, and the world of television would definitely not be the same without them.

Shark Tank

Skipping ahead to the present, ABC’s Shark Tank is a great example of the positive influence of television. A group of investors meets with hopeful inventors who are given a once in a lifetime chance to pitch their products. If the investors decide to take a chance on the inventor, it can truly change their lives in a matter of minutes. This is a program that is smart as well as inspirational, as it inspires people from all over the world to go after their dreams, because you never know when your big break is right around the corner. If an inventor is backed by one of the sharks, their simple idea could turn into a multi million dollar enterprise simply due to the fact that they took a chance and put themselves and their invention out on the line.

Television – Yesterday and Today

Television has a place in everyone’s life in one way or another, and yesterday’s pioneers are just as important as today’s television producers. Our world would be such a different place without television, and we have to give credit to the early generation of television producers for being the amazing catalyst for today’s programming.

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Since the change in the purchasing style of the people owing to online shopping, one could see reviews playing an effective role in decision-making. The depth of internet is immeasurable, as it has evolved into a form of its own. Earlier, a place to obtain details and information, internet’s versatility has turned internet into a place where people could just about do every transaction online, be it banking or shopping. It has become a second nature for a shopper to look for online reviews on a product or service he or she is about to purchase.

Mass Matters

Reviews, in most cases play a decisive role in a purchase. Most of the people adhere to general norms and prevalent standards that they seek to know what others’ prefer or others approve. It could be said that it has been the traditional character of man as he has always been in the habit of seeking opinions before a purchase. Be it an apparel or an electronic gadget, be it a cleaning service or legal representation, man prefers to know others opinions before he makes a final choice. Now online makes it possible for a prospective buyer to look for reviews. Earlier, it was just limited to the people he knew. Since the advent of internet, man gets to know the reviews of people he might not even chance upon in life.

Where It Does Not Help To Be Number One

Much as you may love the number one spot, where purchasing new products and services are concerned, it would be wiser to stay back in line. A new product may seem attractive but unless you are sure about the features and the comfort it has to offer, it is not worth the try. Here is where reviews play a major role. When there are favorable online reviews on a product, you feel more inclined to go for it. This is particularly evident in the purchase of mobiles and other electronic gadgets. When a new mobile is launched, you could leave it to the technical talent to go for it and wait back to hear their reviews before you buy.

Go By The Majority

Though reviews are helpful, not all reviews are along the expected standards. While some reviews may be biased, some reviews could be written with a view to promote a product or concept. Hence, it would be wiser to go by the majority statement. If you find majority of online reviews supporting a product, you may happily go for it. You may be planning to make an offline purchase, but online reviews will definitely help you to make the right choice.

Easier And Economic

Online shopping is easier as well as economic. While it saves you a lot of time otherwise spent on travel for shopping, it also helps you in making a perfect choice. You could find online reviews on various products and services including accessories, electronic appliances and travel related products. Apart from the space you get using online shopping, you stand to enjoy great benefits in the form of discounts. Various online stores offer excellent services to their customers. Some of the leading online stores are homeshop18, snapdeal, flipkart and so on. These online stores offer quality products and prompt services. You will be impressed with the shopping experience you enjoy here. Apart from quality products, you could make use of snapdeal coupons, homeshop18 coupons and flipkart coupons to get unbelievable discounts on the products. Make the best use of reviews and coupons to buy quality products for a cheaper price.

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The Cupid has not appeared in its traditional form; rather it will come to your aid in the form of your smartphone on Valentine’s Day. If you are about to disappoint your sweetheart by forgetting the most important day of love, then without making any more delays buy a beautiful gift to surprise your sweetheart. You can always use the web or smartphone to order online, in case you are running out of time. This is how the Tech Cupid comes to your rescue when you most need it. For more details on online buying trends, follow the infographics given below.

Cell Phone and Web: perfect Valentine Cupids

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Honeywell has been manufacturing home security systems for over 60 years. The bulk of their systems are sold to local dealers and alarm installers. As a homeowner, you’re likely to purchase one of these systems at a high markup through your local alarm dealer, or need to sign a three-year alarm monitoring contract for $30-60/month to get a system installed.

However, some of Honeywell’s systems are sold direct. For those of you considering purchasing one, we’ve looked into Honeywell’s wireless security systems to give you a better idea of what you’d be getting.

“Wireless” Home Security?

Taking in all of Honeywell’s security products can be pretty overwhelming – scrolling through this dealer’s website, I counted twenty-five different security system types. Add all the different sensors, cameras, detectors, and control panels, and that’s a whole lot of decisions to make. All these options might be great for a huge commercial property, like a student dorm or a factory, but for a homeowner, the process is often just confusing. It gets even more mixed-up when you take into account the names Honeywell uses for its products.

For example, the “Honeywell L300 Wireless Security System” isn’t wireless in the sense that you might be thinking of – it requires a landline phone connection or an internet/VoIP connection. We’ve talked before about the dangers of phone line connections, and VoIP connections are unreliable, and can be taken out of commission by power outages, faulty signal conversion, and burglars with wire cutters.

Installing this “wireless security system” also involves a whole lot of wiring, as you can see in this figure from the installation manual:

complicated honeywell wiring instructions

The basic “L300 Wireless Security System” has a list price of $415.00, while the truly cellular and wireless system, the “LYNX Touch L5100,” costs nearly twice as much, at a list price of $740.00. If you don’t pay close attention, you might think you’re just getting a deal when you’re actually getting the wrong system!

Prepare to Break the Bank . . .

Honeywell security systems might not be suitable for those who have a limited budget. The prices quoted above are only for bare bones system kits, which often don’t include even close to everything you’ll need to properly protect your home. For example, the LYNX Touch L1500 kit is list-priced at $740 and comes with only 6 components – the control panel, three small door or window contact sensors, one motion detector, and one alarm keyfob. Once you start taking the average family’s convenience and safety needs into account, the add-on count – and the price – starts skyrocketing.

For example, experts recommend that you install the control panel far away from any home entrance, because otherwise an intruder may compromise it and stop the alarm. But if you do that, you can’t use it to enable and disable the alarm – so you have to buy an extra keypad, which will set you back $88.99. Honeywell also instructs that “for proper intrusion coverage, sensors should be located at every possible point of entry to a home or commercial premises.” If your home has more than one door and two windows, then those three contact sensors aren’t going to cut it, and you’ll have to lay down about $45 for each extra one. Want a glassbreak sensor for the picture window in your living room? That’ll be another $91. All of this adds up quickly and will send you into quadruple-digits before you know it.

. . . And Break It Again Every Month

The whole point of having an alarm system is resting easy because you know the police have your back in the event of a break-in. Unfortunately, with a Honeywell security system, that peace of mind doesn’t come cheap. Since Honeywell security systems are primarily sold through a dealer network, that’s one more middleman who needs to get paid by someone – and that someone is going to be you, in the form of installation fees and markups. In most cases, you’ll also have to sign up for a monitoring agreement. Different dealers offer different monitoring plans, but generally you’re promising to pay anywhere from $30-$50 every month for 36 months (even dealers who offer a month-to-month option, such as GeoArm, up the monthly charge and tack on a signup fee).

200 Page Manual: Not exactly our idea of a DIY system

Most people these days prefer going the DIY route and installing their own burglar alarms due to a significant cost reduction. However, if you go down this road with an Honeywell system you’re bound to hit a few detours. For example, here’s an Amazon review from a commercial airplane designer and mechanic who had a difficult time installing his “wireless” Honeywell security system:

“If you plan to install this kit yourself, you must know that the kit provided is not complete. You have to purchase electrical wires to connect your transformer to your LynxR-2 control panel and telephone wires (26 gauge minimum) for phone connection . . . For mounting the sensors (entry and motion), they assume that you know how to mount them already . . . The kits come with 3 installation and user manuals, but they are very difficult to follow. I design and repair commercial airplanes for a living, and I deal with all kinds of installation and troubleshooting manuals, but these manuals are far more difficult to understand. I tried the steps over and over again to get it to work. I still have not gotten all the bugs out yet.”

Beware: If you decide to tackle a Honeywell installation anyway, keep in mind that Honeywell only provides tech support to licensed installers. In other words, if your alarm system starts to act up, prepare to dig into your pockets again to pay an alarm technician. Kind of defeats the whole DIY route, right?

Moving Forward, But At What Cost?

Not selling directly to consumers doesn’t just up Honeywell’s prices – it changes the focus of their company. If you look at this blog post from last month, you’ll see that Honeywell is hoping to invest more in developing products for “lifestyle enhancement” in the coming years. This gives dealers the opportunity to tack on more hidden fees, all for things you don’t necessarily need.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re considering self-installing a home security system. Then a Honeywell alarm is not likely the best option for you. There are many options out there, that are easier to use, lower cost, and offer all the bells and whistles you could ever need for your home.

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Do you remember when the home security alarm was all the rage? You had about thirty seconds from the time you got the front door open to key in a code and if it didn’t get keyed in correctly (or at all), a siren went off that could wake up hearing impaired people living miles away? Those days are pretty much over. Thanks to companies like Vivint (and those like them); home security is now solidly a futuristic endeavor.


Only a few years ago, video surveillance consisted of some very obvious cameras and a screen kept in the home. You had to sit at the monitor to see what was going on in and around your home. Vivint has made that technology obsolete. With their system you mount cameras and sensors anywhere you want both inside and outside of the home. The sensors are wireless and send signals and feeds wirelessly to you, wherever you are. You can use a computer or your smart phone (yep, there’s an app for that) to log in and see, in real time, what is happening in your home. If one of the sensors is triggered, an alert is sent to your phone immediately so that you can check things out and either set off the alarm in your home remotely, call the police, etc.


You’ve had the technology to unlock your car doors from fifty feet away for years. Now, thanks to advancements in home security, the same technology is available for the doors and windows of your home. Push a button and your front door unlocks. No more fumbling for your house key while you juggle groceries, kids, pets, or shiver in the cold. Push a button and you can lock everything back up tight from inside or outside of your home.

Electricity and Temperature control

Another issue in home security that many people don’t think about is their appliances. Leaving the oven on is a classic example of a way to endanger your home while you are away (or asleep). Forgetting to turn off the gas is another. Now you can automate those things as well. You can regulate the temperature of your house from an app on your phone. The same is true of your lights and any other appliances you might worry about (the oven, etc). If you’re worried you left something on, check in and turn it off remotely. Or, go for the set up that knows when you are home and when you are out—that system will automatically turn off everything when you are out so that you don’t have to worry about it.

There are so many advancements being made every day to make your house safer than it has ever been before. Now you can automate everything from burglarproofing your house to ensuring that the lights go off when you leave a room. The future is a really great place to live.

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Two decades ago an executive made the wrong comment or took the wrong stand in a certain business situation. That comment caused havoc at the company causing them substantial revenue loss and issues resulting with their branded image. They spent years regretting what was said. Needless to say, it cost the company a huge amount of revenue and the executive also lost his job. Then in 2008, this executive found another promising position, until a coworker dug up his past on Google. The job ended immediately.

An associate lost a business negotiation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because, the corresponding company executives ran a Google search on him and found a listed article with disparaging remarks about his business. In just a few hours the deal went sour, all because of the false comments made in the article written more than a few years ago.

What is the Underlying Commonality in These Situations?

In both cases, neither the executive nor the business owner took a proactive stance in managing their online reputation. To the contrary, they ignored it believing it would not affect their future. In the first case legal documentation from 20 years ago somehow appeared in public online records, and in the second the business owner made no response to hearsay or the referencing of the business in a negative way.

What is the Issue?

When prospective associates, readers or employers read this information, they automatically take it as being from an authoritative source. This causes them to make a decision about your reliability, authority and experience instantaneously and unfortunately, in most cases this could have the least favorable result for you.

New Strategies Created by Online Reputation Management Services

If you haven’t been around the online world for long or haven’t been paying much attention then you probably aren’t aware of the recent online reputation news, where online marketing gurus stress the need to control this negative information. New strategies have developed allowing professional online reputation management teams to help businesses, and individuals control the effects derogatory comments, fraudulent information, or historical events have on current business and professional activities. These strategies include the following practices.

1. The monitoring of one’s online reputation on a regular basis, through both manual and automatic processes like those offered by Google Alerts.

2. The releasing of positive information about a person or company to compensate for any negative information, whether anonymous or not.

3. The integration of positive SEO processes that can get a company, or person on a first page Google search engine index page, but with information that places the person or company in a favorable light.

Bottom Line

Businesses and executives are finding that online reputation management is a crucial element in their operations. It may not affect the day to day operating of a business or the professional career of an executive, but on the day that it does, there are serious consequences that could result in substantial revenue loss.

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Technology can be a technique, a machine or a system used to provide solutions to solve any sort of problems and achieve a specific goal. In the present day, everyone is looking for different ways to use technology to survive the global recession. Do you want to know the different ways to utilize this technology? Then here are some ways to earn money using technology.


To get notifications on latest releases you need to be updated to know and implement them in your personal or professional lives; so internet acts a best medium to provide you with all the latest news and information on various services.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps provide two potential revenue earners;

Creating your own apps

This helps to earn money by creating your own application for Smartphones or other devices. Money can be made by selling these apps or charging users a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Manage financial strategies

This provides great help for business oriented officials as it gives an overview of their financial status and can also help to earn money by downloading apps such as Field Agent, Gig Walk and WeReward as these pay the user


In earlier times, people had to travel miles, to get through a small conference. But at present, in this computer-generated world, technology has introduced various smartphones in order to increase the connectivity among people and eradicate the distance barrier.

Social networking sites

Networking sites are the best ways for business domains to publish their advertisements and increase their sales. You can find millions of people; continue to stay in connectivity throughout the day on these networking sites.

Online business

An online business can be a best option to earn money without extra staff, manual writings which need small investments and gain high profits. In certain circumstance to update any outstanding payment you can take same day cash loans and initially overcome from those bad debts.


Online gaming

Online gaming is another way to earn money in this virtual world. The top three games such as second life, entropia universe and IMVU have many players playing these games and making money.

Check for online jobs

You can earn money on various jobs offered for a specific period of time. In the present day, you see many advertisements for online employees or virtual assistants where there are paid by calculating the number of hours worked for. In this way you can incur to work from your home and earn incentives on fulfilling your task allotted.

Start an online store

You can earn money by starting an online store; many people find starting an online store is easy way to make some cash from anywhere else. You can run this business and place orders without your involvement your computer does all these by pre-scheduling. You can sell any goods that bought from the wholesale dealer or from make money by selling craft items. To run this you just need a website, in today’s technology creating and maintainin website is not an overwhelmed task.

Therefore, these are the different ways to make use of technology and earn extra money. They do not require specific skills but with basic knowledge depending on your interest you can easily earn that extra cash.