Search Engine Optimization includes on page & off page factors. Here you will find posts related to both of them

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Having a good strategy for your SEO efforts is essential for any business that has an online presence, and one major aspect of SEO is keyword research. A lot of businesses usually don’t give much attention to keyword research as they don’t see the many benefits that can come from having extensive research completed, but in reality, it can be the deciding factor that makes or breaks their SEO efforts. Let’s review the true benefits of keyword research and why it should be one of the most important parts of your SEO campaigns.

Popularity and Difficulty

Understanding how popular a keyword or phrase is will help you determine how much potential traffic might come from that channel. If you are researching a keyword that is used 75,000 a month, compared to some other similar keywords than are only used 20,000 a month, then you can make a better informed decision on which one you want to target.

Just because a keyword has a lot of uses does not mean you should go for it. Usually the more popular keywords are also the most difficult to market for because of how competitive it might be. A lot of keyword research tools help gauge how hard it will be to rank for certain terms, which gives you a much better understanding of what it will take to get that specific keyword to work in your favour.

The ideal keyword is usually semi-popular that doesn’t have much competition. It would take less resources to work on 4 or 5 of these types of keywords than 1 extremely popular keyword.

Getting Quality Visitors

Doing research will also help you target a certain type of customer. For example if you have a website that sells shoes, you would much rather target a phrase like “Fairly Prices Quality Shoes” instead of “Beautiful Shoes”. The reason behind this is the person who is looking for good prices on shoes is more likely to actually spend money than someone who is just trying to look at what types of shoes are beautiful. The more research you do, the more you will learn about which terms are more effective for your type of business.

Keyword Trends

Keeping on top of keyword trends that are related to your industry could really improve your traffic and overall profits. If you see that your target audience is starting to use new search terms to find products similar to yours, you could shift your focus to that keyword and get an advantage over your competition. The sooner you start to work on a specific search term, the better, so if you notice the trend before all of your competitors then you will have the advantage.

Pay Per Click Advertising Information

Whether or not you actually use pay per click services, this information can be useful. Certain search terms are going to be used by programs such as Google Adwords more than others, which is a good thing to know. Don’t underestimate the power of pay per click advertisements because they do steal a good chunk of people that use the keywords. If you notice that a keyword you are researching has a lot of advertisements attached to it, you might want to stay away from it because unless you are highly ranked, you could continue to get minimum results.

At the same time, if you are using pay per click programs, then finding keywords that are not popular can get you really good prices, while the more popular search terms are much more expensive.

More Effective the More you Get Used to it

Keyword research is one of those skills that continue to get better and better as you do it. After a while, you will be able to spot a great keyword from a mile away and make it profitable. It might be a little hard to understand and might be frustrating at first, but don’t give up because it will all be worth it in the end. If you don’t want to spend the time to do this, then you should really think about hiring a professional to do it for you. In the end, you just want to make sure this is an important part of your strategy.

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Many SEO techniques are used for the optimization of the web pages in the ranking by the search engines. The techniques are mostly divided into two categories, viz, on-page and off-page. The on-page techniques are the one that are carried on the main website to improve its ranking, a few of which are discussed below.

Title Tag

The use of a title tag has been popular since the evolution of the websites. The title is the main index to the webpage, which is used by the readers and the search engines to know what the page content is all about. The title of the tag must be catchy enough that it catches the attention of the reader at the first look and should describe the content that it is going to be title of. A main keyword can also be used in the title and its length should not be long enough.

Keyword and Density

The use of keywords is a good option to get a better ranking. The addition of keywords in your content should be catchy to the eye and the keyword should be such that it describes the content. Also, the frequency of using the keywords should not be large enough as that may result in a negative effect on the page ranking. Keyword proximity, prominence and the frequency are important aspect of the use of a keyword in web content.

Outbound Links

The use of links in your web content to other websites may give you an advantage of getting backlinks created. When you are creating the outbound links, the search engine crawler looks at the number of links and also goes to the websites linked through your web page. There is a possibility that the page owner, whose link you added to your content, notices your outbound link and may give you a backlink. All this stuff will finally help the search engine recognize the global presence of your page and will gradually improve your ranking.

Image SEO

Images are a better way of describing what the content on your web page is all about. When adding an image, you have the option of adding an alternate text to the image that will be displayed when the image fails to load. This alternate text is stuffed with keywords to improve rankings immediately, but this is treated as a spam by the search engine. The alternate text and the title, if you want to add to the image, should be about the image, and that will improve the ranking in the images search results.


The use of a map for your entire website is a better idea, if you want to get ranking of every web page on your website to be improved. This is done mostly by using XML mapping techniques. The internal linking of web pages is also an essential component, which gives a better and a smooth flow to the crawler and the website viewer through your website. An interlinked website with a proper sitemap gets a better ranking as it is considered to be a site rich of content.

Social Media

The use of social media today has increased up to that extent that almost every person on this planet who is using internet, is also using a social media service. Publishing your website’s links for promotion or getting your content posted may help in improving the ranking of your website/page.

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Internet marketing essentially involves promotion of products and services using the internet that can be done via email and wireless media. This entire procedure includes advertising, sales, development and designing. To make people aware of your services and products, it is extremely essential to market your website. The more they will come to know about your website, it will help you to generate traffic to your website thereby boosting the sales.

Power of Search Engine Optimisation

Remember even if you have quality products and articles on your site, people may not be aware of it. All you need to do is make the website visible to people so that they will be able to view your products and services. It is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation that will you to get bring people to your website. SEO involves will incorporate quality content on your website that is intended to secure good page rankings in the search engines. Securing good page rankings is always an advantage for people mostly view pages that come on the first page of the search engine results. It is with the help of specific keywords in the articles that search engines make the websites visible to people.

Different types of techniques to generate traffic to your website

SEO has become an inevitable part of internet marketing. Appropriate keywords, content writing, linking structure, website organization are some of the commonly used strategies in search engine optimisation.


Using the exact keywords will always help you to make your articles visible to the target audience. You can take the -help of data online marketers to assist you to choose the exact keywords that will draw a large amount of people to your website. Remember the keywords should be strategically placed in the entire article.

Content writing:

The articles should be of high quality that will appear to be unique and interesting to the readers. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that the content is revised from time to time. Web browsers always look for fresh and updated information. This technique will help you to ensure that your loyal clients keep coming back to you again and again. The articles should be appropriate and search engine optimised.

Linking structure:

You must always be careful to put the structures in place so that you can link your website to the other websites that are frequently visited by others. In this way your website will become accepted by search engines when others will link it.

Website organization:

Professionals of a SEO firm while working on a website always make it a point that other are able to view the products and enjoy reading your articles. Choosing the best colours and layouts will act as an advantage.

Social Media:

Social networking is another good way of marketing your products and services. You can link your website and get people to like it. This acts like a chain with one person liking it and the other one getting to know about it. You will also be able to promote your website by commenting on the products.

 Video Marketing:

Studies show that a significant number of people prefer to watch videos when it comes to obtaining information about a particular product or service. Videos become viral and therefore can generate traffic easily.

Using the above mentioned strategies will certainly help you to reach your goal of reaching out to the customers and increasing sales.

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In order for a particular website to rank at a respectable position in search engine results, proper search engine optimization is required. Many of those who are into online business, or are looking to make money online through blogging, affiliate marketing and other mediums opt for SEO services.

With so many benefits that SEO provides (good ranking, more customers, better revenue etc.), you may already being talking an SEO service from a particular company or a freelance provider. However, what you may actually not know is that you may be paying too much for the service, and it may actually be causing a toll on your finances.

So how do you find out that you’re paying too much for SEO? Here are some of the things you should check, which have the potential to decrease your cost and allow for better money management;

1.  Check the link building report

One of the services SEO providers offer clients is a link building report at the end of the month. You should check that thoroughly and give a look on the actual sites that have been mentioned in the report.

There have been few cases where the websites which were mentioned in the link building list didn’t contain any links at all. If this is your case, pay the provider the amount based on the number of links build by taking out an average from the total cost of the service.

2.  Check the traffic

Most of those who take SEO services have one intention; to increase the traffic on their respective blogs and websites. So if you’re one of those who took a service of search engine optimization for the purpose, it’s time for you to find out whether it’s really working or otherwise.

During the middle of the service or at the end, check the traffic at the blog of website. If there’s not even a 10 percent increase in the traffic and it’s more or less the same as it previously was, chances are your SEO provider is ripping you off. It you were paying out of a high yield bank account for investing in SEO, it’s time for you to look elsewhere.

3.  Ask for listed sites and check their metrics

SEO services include building links on other websites. However, you need to check the sites the SEO provider is building your links upon. If it’s being done on crappy sites or domains that are unrelated to your niche, it will result in more harm than good.

Even if the sites are related to your niche, you should check their pagerank. Your SEO provider may be building links on websites that are pr1, pr2 and even pr0 (clients may not know what PageRank really is) and charging you the amount that’s taken to build links on reputable websites that are pr 4, 5, 6 and above. You should also do some research and learn about metrics like Domain Authority, Alexa Ranking, and MozRank. These metrics give you an even more in-depth look at site quality, PR is not the only number that should be taken into account.

Lack of knowledge is often the reason for individuals and companies to pay too much when taking SEO services, sometimes companies only need forms of SEO providerlike reputation management or PR. Companines like specialize in online-rep which may supplant forms of SEO in the future. Cofounder Michael Fertik has extensive SEO experience and has the knowledge to help companies. Basic SEO can also be learned by reading websites and blogs that give out SEO provider, social media and internet marketing tips.

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SEO is changing very rapidly and a lot of experts in the industry have started to talk about its future. Believe me, their opinion on this is very divided and more pessimistic. Some say SEO is here to stay and some are claiming that it will go obsolete in few years. Well! Nothing can be said right now. But I have my own analysis on future of SEO.

Is it going to be safe for bloggers and website owners? What they should do? According to me future of SEO is not very encouraging because of following reasons.

Betting on Keyword Research and Backlinks ONLY

The first thing that a SEO guy would do is keyword research and getting maximum backlinks for its blog. As a blogger or website owner could you only bet on best keyword research and creating enormous backlinks?

Well! The answer is NO. You can’t. Now search engine especially big daddy Google is getting hard on this black hat SEO technique. If you feel you as a blogger could rank your blog high on SERP only because of great keyword research and creating maximum backlinks then you are wrong. Gone are those days.

Thus relying on keyword research and backlinks will be outdated soon. In fact, it is already outdated.

Optimizing for ONLY One Search Platform

Every blogger, internet marketer and webmasters for SEO totally depends upon one search engine, the big daddy Google.

Google dominates the search engine market share. As a blogger we optimize our blog or website only for Google search engine. Only few go for Yahoo and no one gives a damn about Bing. So in future, the sole dependence on one search engine might create problem for all of us. If Google does something with its algorithm then we all will be affected. Or someday Google goes down and someone else changes its indexing rule then it will be great problem for marketers who make millions of dollars every year.

So such dependence for SEO on one search platform is not good.

Surviving Google’s Axe

As I said earlier if we depend too much on Google for SEO then we need to learn how to survive Google’s axe.

Now what is Google’s Axe? It is Panda affect and Penguin update? Let’s understand both quickly.

Google Panda : If you are creating low quality articles filled with relevant keywords then Google would punish your blog for low quality content. That is Panda affect.

Google Penguin : Penguin affect is when you create unwanted or spam links coming to your website then Google will slap you. Such backlinks would be considered illegal by Google.

Therefore bloggers and marketers who are using these two black hat techniques must be ready to pay the price. Early you could have got away with this but now be ready for Google’s Axe.

Search Engine Becoming More Human than Just Algorithms

If you listen to experts and from Google itself, you will come to know that search engines are becoming more and more human. It means they can understand what people are searching, a human aspect.

No longer would search engines be collection of smart algorithms as they will behave like human. Therefore, all the SEO techniques that you implement for your blog would become irrelevant.

Ever Emerging Power and Importance of Social Media

To some extent the presence of social media has also affected the SEO.

For eg:  in next few years Facebook will be more popular than Google itself.

Facebook will have more users than Google. So people would directly go to Facebook than Google. Although it is not going to replace Google but could affect SEO strategies of many bloggers and internet marketers.

Publishers and Bloggers Looking for Direct Readers Rather Depending Upon Search Engines

Bloggers who depends upon SEO very much should understand this important point. If you see, more established and successful bloggers no longer depend upon Google. It means they have a big reader base, their traffic is mainly coming from direct subscribers of their blog.

In the beginning, their traffic would come from organic search only. But with time and quality content they forced their visitors to subscribe their blog.

Hence, their traffic would come from direct subscribers or through social media. Only marginal amount of traffic would come from Google.

Therefore need for SEO will become less if you focus on getting more subscribers directly.

SEO Changes Constantly Hence NO Perfect Model or Blueprint could be developed

The final point of the future of SEO is that SEO changes day by day. Every day is a new day. You do not know when something is going to change. Thus, you cannot create a model or a blueprint to replicate a successful SEO campaign. Simply because, a SEO campaign which was successful last week would not work tomorrow. Marketers would really find it difficult replicate a Google friendly SEO model.

Now What is the Solution?

Well! There could be two possible solutions for safe SEO that you can start learning from now on.

1. Good Content is the Only Hope

There is no running away from Google. You have to create content that people would love read and share with their friends.  The only SEOtechnique that is going to stay here is quality content.

In fact, in future successful SEO would be your content only. All other technique would fail, they have failed now only. So in future there is no chance of black hat SEO technique.

2. Future is in becoming a Good Writer or Blogger Rather a SEO Expert

To create good content you need to become a good writer or a blogger rather than being a SEO expert.

Do not waste your time on building links which are spammy. You could focus on improving your writing with investing time in learning new things. Only then you would be successful in blogging or even marketing.

Do remember all those black hat SEO techniques would not work only you have to write from your heart. And that is the safe future of SEO.


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Can’t get enough SEO news and tips? These 8 blogs are the giants of SEO: just about everyone reads them, and for good reason. If you’re starting out in SEO, they’ll help you hit the ground running. If you’re an SEO expert, these blogs will tell you about the most important changes in the industry as soon as they happen.

Search Engine Land


Website Link :

One of the most popular SEO blogs on the Internet, probably the most popular. No surprise, either: it was founded by Danny Sullivan in 2006, after he left the ultra-successful Search Engine Watch… which he also founded. Search Engine Land is big enough to have their own conference, Search Marketing Expo (SMX). They’re jam-packed with general industry news, with a special nod to neophytes. Unlike most blogs, Search Engine Land does an excellent job of categorizing their posts. If you just want to read their “How To SEO” articles, put on a fresh round of coffee and click the link at the top. As one of the big players, don’t expect any little known secrets here. (Doesn’t matter whether it was secret before… if it hits Search Engine Land, it’s not secret anymore.) However, you will get really solid advice that applies anywhere. 



Website Link :

Also really well ranked. More of a traditional blog than Search Engine Land’s magazine style. True to their name, SEOBook specializes in long form posts. Sometimes really long. They don’t bother with general search engine news, either. SEOBook is strictly SEO industry. Expect interviews with top industry figures and fascinating case studies. Another blog whose archives will keep you reading all night long.



Website Link :

SEOMoz is one of the Internet’s best known SEO sites. Run by a software company, it’s been around since 2004. They’re known as much for their ‘Toolbox’ as they are for their blog. Their collection of online SEO tools is worth a bookmark alone. While you’re there, soak up the relaxed tone of the place — SEOMoz’s CEO once crowd-sourced his facial hair, having readers vote on how he should shave it before heading off to a conference. (He showed up bristly and unshaven, in keeping with the results of the vote.)

Matt Cutts


Website Link :

Matt Cutts’ blog is not like the others. There’s no team of writers here, just one guy. There’s also very little SEO advice. So, why is it on the list? Matt Cutts does a great job of pointing out not ways to boost your rankings, but ways to avoid dropping out of them. That’s Cutts’ specialty — he’s head of Google’s Webspam team. His job title alone is enough to get Cutts’ blog into the RSS readers of the entire SEO industry.

Search Engine Watch


Website Link :

The granddaddy of SEO blogs, this newspaper-styled site has been around since 1996. When the SEO industry was born, they were there reporting live on the scene. Search Engine Watch was founded by the same man who went on to do Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan. Despite a few changes of ownership (they’re now part of Incisive Media), they’re still the SEO industry’s reference source. Even Matt Cutts calls them “a must read.”

Search Engine Roundtable


Website Link :

Search Engine Roundtable‘s specialty is reporting on the most interesting threads in SEO forums. They’ve been around since 2003, when they were founded by former Search Engine Watch writer Barry Schwartz. Their focus on forum news means Search Engine Roundtable is the place to pick up news that nobody else has spotted yet… and in plenty of technical — sometimes excruciatingly so — detail.

Search Engine Journal


website Link :

Search Engine Journal is a little less known as the rest, though they still have a rock-solid reputation. Founded by Loren Baker in 2003, Search Engine Journal’s selling point is their writers: not professional reporters, but SEO professionals from around the industry. Expect to find details here that the pro blogs overlook.



Website Link :

TopRank – Online Marketing Blog is a digital marketing agency’s way of attracting customers. Judging by their tremendous popularity, they must be doing something right. TopRank has a mix of basic tips and industry-wide views. They’re oriented towards professional marketers, including those working in-house at companies. Their coverage of search and social media conferences is particularly good.

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While the world of SEO has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to Google’s modifications to their algorithm, optimization still plays a vital role in your online success. The industry continues to advance and things are becoming more and more consumer friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned with SEO for your site. Here are some creative tips to help ensure that you see the success you need in the online environment.

Know Your Keywords

More than ever, accurate keyword research is vital. Not only must you know the specific keywords that apply to your company – product names and types, for example – but you need to know derivative keywords. These will help boost your traffic through related keyword searches. For instance, suppose you operated a company that sold athletic shoes. Your keywords would be things like “running shoes” or “cross-trainers” coupled with brand names (think Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc.).

However, your related keywords might be things like “athletic footwear”, or “best shoes for new runners”. These are all keywords that don’t necessarily apply directly to your products, but do apply directly to your company as a whole. Spend some time determining what your related keywords are and then optimize for them by adding relevant content to your site (or on your blog).

Avoid Flash

Flash navigation solutions have remained popular for a long time with a variety of different businesses. While search engines can index these to an extent (which is more than they once could offer), it’s actually better to maintain your HTML navigation to maximize SEO. You’ll find a wide range of high quality  WordPress templates out there that offer simple, elegant, effective HTML navigation solutions to enhance both SEO and your visitors’ experience while browsing your site.

Don’t Neglect Offsite SEO

When most business owners think about SEO, they think about embedding keywords within their website, optimizing image ALT tags and the like. However, you cannot afford to forget about offsite optimization. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s pretty simple. One way you can do this is by posting interesting, sharable content on your website and blog that your visitors want to share with others (and then adding tools to make that content sharable). The more your content is shared off your site, the more back links you gain and the better your offsite optimization will be.

Another option in offsite optimization is to blog in other places than just your own site or blog. Guest blogging on other authority sites will give you access to an entirely new audience and help drive traffic where you want it.

Add Content to Your Site/Blog

One of the key elements in Google’s new SEO algorithm is that content is more important than ever before. If your site is nothing more than a collection of product descriptions, then chances are good that Google doesn’t rank you very highly. In order to rank in search engine results, you need to add quality content on a regular basis. What is “quality content”, though? Essentially, it should offer your visitors:

  • Relevant information concerning the topic of their search
  • Original information not copied from elsewhere
  • Interesting content that offers value to your readers

If you can add content like this on a regular basis, your ranking will increase. Of course, you need to ensure that you optimize that content with your keywords, but don’t go too crazy. Keep your keyword density within the bounds of sanity. In the past, it was common to see pages with 5, 6 or even 10% keywords density, which is just ridiculous. Keep your density around 1%, or one use of your keyword or keyword phrase per 100 words. And always remember – your content should be about more than just having somewhere else to use your keywords. It must offer real value to your visitors or you’ll be penalized.

Users First

One of the most important tips for SEO success is that everything you do should be done for your users first, with search engines coming in second. In the past, the situation was reversed. Most businesses focused on creating sites and content that worked for search engine spiders and really never gave much thought to what human visitors would experience. Today, that’s a quick route to disaster. Make sure that every element of your site is designed with human visitors in mind. Moreover, they should be your priority. Search engines are important, but real people are vital.

These simple, effective tips will help ensure that you are able to build the most successful website possible and enjoy optimization in the modern world. Always remember – human visitors come first. Optimize for search engines second. Build a quality site, regularly add valuable content and don’t neglect offsite optimization.

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As internet technology takes over world communication, online marketing has become one of the most popular ways of doing business. Professional web designers are hired to create websites, that would help the firms inform the public about their products and services.

However, creating a website, will not be enough for the growth of the business. There are thousands of websites dealing with the same kind of service and products. The businesses need to make sure that their products grab as many eyeballs as possible and remain ahead of the competitors. The only way to ensure this is by achieving a good SERP rank. This task cannot be accomplished by the quality of the website itself. One would need to take the assistance of a Search Engine Optimizer who has the expertise to optimize the search rank of a website and ensure higher traffic.

Defining Link Building Service

In order to accomplish these tasks the optimizers undertake some unique strategies. Link Building Service is one such exclusive technique. While link building can work miracles for your business, you need to know the way it works. A link builder will submit articles to various forums and at the end of each article, a link to author’s website would be provided. Therefore, the readers of the post will come across the link and if their interest can be initiated, they would visit the linked website.

Advantages of Link Building

Let us have a quick look at the advantages of this service,

  • Builds a goodwill for the business
  • Improves online visibility
  • Ensures better traffic
  • Improves SERP ranks
  • Ensures optimization of the whole site

The Process of Link Building

On the very first hand, it is necessary to locate the target audience. Next, you need to find out what kind of content or article interests this group of people.

As far as preparing an article is concerned, one must remember that the headline of a write-up has to be appealing. The title is the first thing that one notices in a write up, be it a billboard, a notice on the wall or an internet article. Other than the title, the introductory paragraph and the summary demand special attention.

Blogger websites and article directories are the two best mediums of making the audience feel your online process. Even, the social networking sites are used as platforms of creating and promoting business relationships.

Types of Link Building

Link building can broadly be divided into two basic types, Blog Submission and Article Directory Submission. In the first case, the link builder will have to find out a blog of his niche and then ask for the blogger’s permission to post his article. While in the latter case, one will need not to worry about the niche and make submissions to any directory.

However, the quality of the blog or the directory has a major role to play as far as optimization is concerned. The readers are most unlikely to visit a forum of poor quality. Therefore, majority of the people will not access your article. As a result, the main aim behind link-building (increasing traffic) will remain unfulfilled.

We have discussed about the types and processes of link building services in this article, as well as discussed its definition. On a concluding note, it can be said that to reap the proper advantages of a Link Building Service, one would need to keep in mind the quality of both the website and the article.