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Office 365 will certainly let you realize your dreams as you can host business through Cloud Office on 24 x 7 throughout the year. Microsoft has given the facelift to its popular commercial office software by releasing new Office 365 which acts as a service beyond the way that it works as software. The Office 265 is intended to enhance the productivity of your organization in all 360 degrees. It is true that development of new ideas, spread of information and sharing and collaboration among team members will take forward your business strategy to the next level. Office 365 gives you the opportunity to accumulate local efforts into global results.

What is Office 365?

It is very much important to have clarity about Office 365. Office 365 comes under SaaS (Software as a service) which gives you access to multiple applications that are hosted on the cloud. SaaS is software which can be accessed through the internet. For example, the popular Google Docs and Gmail applications come under this category.

Office 365 applications hosted on the cloud environment include Lync, SharePoint, Exchange and Office web applications.

Office 365 is a productivity suite that is available all the time, anywhere and from any device (subject to portability). With cloud based access, Office 365 can be accessed through various gadgets like laptop, tablet and Smartphone. It is easy to sign up for Office 365 by following the link:

Office 365 Benefits

With Office 365 in your hands, your business will be on fly. You will have full access to the information on 24 x 7. The web applications can be accessed through the web browser. The Cloud infrastructure that is developed by Microsoft will take care of the security of your data. The data protection policies of various countries and regions are taken into consideration in the implementation of Office 365.

Office 365 will be readily available for you at any time so that you can carry out various operations without any interruptions. Office 365 is offered to individuals and businesses in various plans. You may opt for a combined plan wherein you will have access to the Office software as well along-with your access to the Office 365. There are separate plans for Lync, SharePoint and Exchange cloud server as well. If you subscribe for trail plans so that you can experience the power of Office 365 by having a firsthand experience.

Office 365 Advantages

  • Data security as guaranteed by Microsoft
  • Extremely flexible and convenient data management
  • World class data storage, sharing and retrieval systems
  • Next generation applications that make your life simple and easy
  • Complete transformation of your business to take up the current generation technology demands
  • The applications will be updated automatically
  • Applications are not tied to the hardware platform
  • Installation of new software happens in a matter of seconds upon subscription
  • Supported by forums through which you will get answers to various queries and service issues can be reported.

Enhanced performance through modern applications

It is possible to enhance the performance of your business using modern and powerful applications that are part and parcel of Office 365. Office web applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note and Exchange Server will be updated in a seamless manner. Your mailing requirements and management of contacts can be carried out in an effortless manner by utilizing the Exchange Server.

The team can be better managed and productivity can be enhanced utilizing SharePoint services. The communication and exchange of ideas are fulfilled in an effective manner through the usage of Lync. Manage your documents, calendars, social media connections from small to large scale business needs in a scalable environment.

Business Enhancement

There are a number of reasons to choose Office 365. There are various plans to select from. Take advantage of the scalability as your business grows. The installation and deployment of applications is very easy. It is possible to set up a new user account in few seconds. There are a number of office tools that can be relied on for storing the data and exchange of information. These applications will be updated automatically on a continuous basis. There is no time lag in terms of implementation of the latest methods and practices.

The work that you pause can be resumed from anywhere at any time from any device. For example, if you leave your office before the scheduled closing hours and you can carry out updates on the way to your home using Smartphone. It is possible to work on office files online or offline. The office files will be backed up automatically. The anti-spam and anti-malware protection will be provided by Office 365. Carry out your business on the trustworthy infrastructure whose uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%. Executives and managers can focus on projects and business with complete confidence.

SharePoint Online Advantage

Share point online lets you create websites that can be accessed by teams and the public. It is possible to share documents with peers and customers in simple ways. Project milestones can be tracked so that all the members will be in sync. It is possible to maintain updated key documents online. It is possible to access critical information by all team members from anywhere and at any moment. It is possible to maintain various levels of control on data storage, retrieval and access. It is easy to maintain websites with a domain name of your choice.

Lync Online Advantage

If you would like to connect with team members it is possible to accomplish the task through the applications that are already deployed. Find your colleagues and connect with them through virtual means. Interaction using instant messages, audio calls and video conferencing can be accomplished at any time. It is possible to conduct virtual meetings. Notify your presence to your team members so that you will have opportunity to let them initiate an interaction if necessary. Audio and video calls from PC to PC can be availed.

It is possible to have web conferencing facilities with members outside your team as well. Interact with clients in real-time to speed up your business. The communication with team members is further enhanced through Microsoft Windows Live and MSN Messenger. You can share your desktop with colleagues and create presentations and virtual whiteboards with your colleagues and clients.

After Registration

After signing up for Office 365, you will be able to access your account by completing the verification process. As you login to your account, you will find the dashboard which will facilitate you the creation of new users. Grant various levels of permissions to users and you can reset passwords from the admin panel. You can alter Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync settings as per your requirements.

By using SharePoint Online Team Sites, you can upload new documents and you can share them across peers. The team site can be shared outside the organization as well. Removal of an user from the team site is very easy and it can be done at any point of time. The co-authoring of the same document is facilitated in real-time. It is possible to access team site documents offline by installing Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010. It is made easy to access Microsoft Access database through SharePoint Online. After installing and configuring the product as per your requirements, your business will enjoy all the benefits that are derived through Office 365.

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Blue Stacks has always been awesome, but recently they have become even more awesome. Blue Stacks has released their app player for Windows 8. Surface Pro PC users and Windows 8 users can easily jam to over seventy five thousand songs using the new App Player for Windows 8. This is an improvement for a variety of different reasons. Many users are happy to hear the news. This is big news for Blue Stacks. Android applications can now be used on computers running on Windows 8.


This is a huge deal for Windows as well due to the fact that they are not doing all that well. Surface Pro is said to be nothing short of innovative. Many people seem to think that it is nothing more than apps. It has that and so much more. Bringing Android apps to Windows computers had a lot of users tickled pink. The App Player has a million and one different features and a billion reasons why so many users have fallen head over heels in love.

The App Player for Windows 8


The App Player for Windows 8 is bursting with value. There are many reasons why this App Player powered by Windows 8 and Blue Stacks is a steal. There are currently about thirty five thousand apps available in the Windows 8 app store. Blue Stacks is bringing so many more. The total amount is somewhere around seventy five thousand Android apps. Windows 8 users will easily be able to use Android apps and vice versa. There will truly be an app for everyone. The player can easily be launched through a pinned tile on the Start screen. It is quick. It is easy. It is simple.One of the things that is new about Blue Stacks, besides the extraordinary amount of new and interesting apps, is the Charms feature. The Charms feature has charmed many users so far. Many users have been singing the praises of the new App Player for Windows 8. The tilt motion sensor of the Windows 8 tablet is completely functional with Android apps.

Blue Stacks Takes the Cake

The Surface Pro is expected to do big things, even if the Windows 8 operating system was not as popular as first hoped. It is beginning to take off. This compilation between Windows 8 and Blue Stacks has made Surface Pro a device that is a force to be reckoned with. Many users complained about the lack of apps, but now they will have nothing to complain about. The amazing amount of apps adds a lot of value to the buyers. Blue Stacks is currently doing well and shows no sign of slowing down in sales. Blue Stacks software is going to be preloaded on many different device brands running the Windows 8 operating system. Blue Stacks offers download for both PC and MAC users.

A True Improvement

The new Windows 8 is truly an improvement. It is easy to access Blue Stacks from the Windows Start screen. The App Player is easy to use and easy to navigate. Blue Stacks is also showing Google support by promoting the Google Windows 8 app. Consumer who were waiting for something spectacular can count on the Surface Pro. Windows 8 and Blue Stacks have made a fantastic union and users are benefiting. The sale of the Surface Pro was slow at first, but now more users are picking it up due to the fact that so many different apps are available. It will practically blow your mind. Check it out for yourself, but prepared to be wowed by the amount of apps.

Blue Stack is available for Windows PC and Mac.

Visit Website :

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Microsoft Windows is, without question, the most dominant operating system in the world. It has had an enormous influence in shaping the history of computer technology since its earliest days. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft back in 1975, and the company had humble beginnings (as most tech startups do). But it wasn’t long before they changed the world. In many ways, the history of Windows is the history of modern computing; in fact, it’s likely that most people on the planet have been introduced to computing through one Windows product or another. Here’s a short history of Windows, from the beginning to the present day.

Windows 1, 2, & 3: The Beginning

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In 1981, Microsoft teamed up with IBM to launch the landmark MS-DOS, which quickly became popular as a business tool and introduced the world for the first time to a Microsoft operating system. In 1985, Windows 1.0 was released, with the watershed innovation of small program boxes (windows) that could be opened simultaneously. Windows 1 also introduced such recognizable staples as Notepad, Calculator, Calendar, icons, and drop-down menus.

Windows 2.0 arrived in 1987 with better graphics, performance, and shortcuts. It also included the earliest form of Control Panel.

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The next year Microsoft officially became the largest software company in the world, and when Windows 3.0 & 3.1 were released in 1990 and 1992, they sold an unprecedented 10 million copies.

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Windows 95, 98, & XP: The Dawn of the Internet

This generation of Windows saw the inestimably important dawn of the internet, which has shaped the foundations of modern communication and information transmission. Windows 95 sold 7 million copies in just over a month, and added the Start Button along with capacities for fax, email, dial-up Internet, and plug and play.

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Three years later, Windows 98 saw the additions of USB and DVD technology, and was the first time Microsoft tried to fully integrate the internet into the operating system, including the Active Desktop that could be regularly updated with information from the internet. Whilst generally regarded as a failure, it was notable for causing the internet to become a “normal” part of many people’s day-to-day computer use.

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Then, in 2001, Windows XP (released in 25 languages) arrived on the scene with a sleeker interface, the best security yet, enhanced movie and media capabilities, and wireless networking support. XP has proved to be the most popular and long lasting Windows product yet, selling 400 million copies by 2006. In January 2007, 6 years after its release, XP had a whopping 76.1% of the market. Even as on August 2012, 11 years after its release, it still had a 24.8% share of the market.

Vista, 7, and Windows 8: The New Face of Microsoft

2006 saw the release of Windows Vista, with enhanced security, significant media upgrades, a more intuitive design, and better search functions. It wasn’t as popular as Microsoft had hoped, suffering from speed issues and an almost paranoid insistance on double checking with you before doing anything on it whatsoever, which proved frustrating for many users. Still, it provided the technological blueprint for what was to come. Three years later, Vista was followed by the enormously popular and much-loved Windows 7, which featured easier-than-ever wireless networking, live streaming capacities, faster booting, and multi-touch. It has proved enormously popular; in 6 months it sold 100 million copies, making it Microsoft’s fasting-selling operating system. As of January 2012, it had sold 525 million copies.

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But Microsoft’s biggest transformation ever arrived this year. Windows 8 completely revolutionizes the famous OS, and brings it into the era of smartphones and tablet PCs. With a new Windows Store, a radically innovative Metro user interface, a live-updating tile mosaic instead of icons, and the elimination of the start button, Windows 8 is a dramatic step forward for Microsoft.

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Today, Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. With the advent of Windows 8, it will now be entering the mobile OS market in a big way, competing with the likes of iOS and Android. The tech world evolves with incredible speed, and it seems that devices and operating systems become obsolete almost as soon as they make it into the hands of consumers. With that in mind, we can be sure it won’t be long before Windows 9 arrives, and the history of Microsoft takes another leap forward.

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Computer viruses are potentially as debilitating for the Pc as deadly viruses are to the human body. The best way to protect yourself against these problems is to become informed about the issues that tech experts will term ‘what you need to know about computer viruses’.

Basic Virus Operations

Viruses tend to try to change the contents of  a file or make the file adjust itself by a kind of reprogramming. Their main source of transportation is the host. There are times however that they travel through peripheral devices such as a floppy disk, a pen drive or CD/DVDs. Another mode of transportation for computer viruses is a private network or the internet.

Differentiating Viruses and Malware

Pretty often we hear the names viruses and malware being used interchangeably. This is slightly misleading though. While both are potential harms or the computer the term malware refers to malicious software while a worm does not rely on a host to transport itself from system to system. Often times too, a virus is mistakenly referred to as a Trojan Horse. The distinction lies in the fact that a Trojan Horse is pretty much a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It poses as a harmless program and has the potential to inflict serious damage to the system by way of secretly hidden commands.

Signs of a Computer Virus

The infected computer system will display certain signs.One symptom of a virus infection is the system refuses to start. Some viruses cripple the start up process leaving the system unresponsive. Your system may be infected by a virus if it suddenly starts to run very slowly especially after a new software or program has been downloaded. If the system shuts down and restarts itself without being prompted to do so then this may signal a virus infection.  Documents that have been recently opened that have a double extensions are often signals that a virus has attached itself to the system. The extension is usually in the form of .jpg, .vbs, .gif, or .exe.

Other signals of virus problems include: printing difficulties,distorted menus and dialogue boxes, the speakers start to play strange music unexpectedly.

PC Protection

It is important to know how to protect the computer system from harmful viruses. This protection can come in a number of forms. One method of protection is using anti-virus software. Additionally you should ensure that the anti-virus is updated frequently. This will help to ensure that the system is prepared to stave of attacks from newly developed viruses.

Exercise caution on the web or on a networked system. Emails and shared documents are sometimes carriers of viruses. Scan all documents before opening them. Additionally avoid and delete email messages from strange contacts. This is especially important when there is an attachment. Emails are often vehicles for viruses, which are usually contained in the attachments.

The key to defeating viruses lies in educating yourself about them. What you need to know about computer viruses is basically that they are harmful to your system, can be transmitted in various ways and can be avoided with a few protective measures.

Some Important links:

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Virus-Detected You’ve been there. You’re in the middle of an important assignment or an intriguing Skype conversation when the screen goes blank or starts to switch modes erratically. It’s frustrating exasperating and annoying. This is the inconvenience that dangerous computer viruses cause.dangerous computer viruses can cripple your productivity and earning potential and cause you to lose valuable data. There is so much at stake that it is important for PC owners to be on the lookout for ways to prevent them. Here are ten ways to protect yourself from dangerous computer viruses.


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Windows 7 is one operating system by Microsoft which has truly revolutionized the way Windows OS behaved, felt, worked and felt.  The OS already comes loaded with a host of handy and useful features; still there are several 3rd party apps that can actually make a user’s life much more easier. Here are 10 of the very useful freeware that every Windows 7 user ought to have. Hang on tight & enjoy the ride.

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windows7-logo Microsoft has given us the most advanced operating system of this age in the form of Windows 7.  A host of new features and processes have been introduced in this operating system. However, how much advanced an operating  system may be, overtime it starts to slow down. In such cases, you would need to learn from tweaks so as to keep enjoying good performance from your operating system.
Here are the some top performance tweaks for your Windows 7 operating system.

Run the Performance Troubleshooter as the First Thing

As the very first thing, you can try running the Performance troubleshooter. This utility helps you to automatically find and fix the problems. Performance troubleshooter will check for those issues that might be hampering the performance of your computer, for example, how many users are logged in and if multiple programs are running simultaneously.
To run this utility, you need to click on Start button > Control Panel. Type “troubleshooter” in the provided search box. You would be able to see “Troubleshooting” in the results displayed; click the same. Now click  on “Check for performance issues” under section “System and Security”.

Upgrade your RAM

If you have happened to migrate from XP to Windows 7 with 1 GB of Ram, which is the minimal requirement, you should consider upgrading your RAM to 2-3 GB. This would not only improve the performance of your system tremendous but would also let you enjoy all the visual effects that Windows 7 comes with (Aero Snap and Aero Peek features).

Speed up Windows 7 using a Pen-drive

If you are not interested in upgrading your RAM, then you can use another feature of Windows 7 called Ready Boost Feature. This feature uses the flash memory provided to add instant RAM to your system.
Here is how you can setup this feature in Windows 7:
Insert your Pen-drive or USB drive into the USB slot provided on your computer. An Autoplay will pop up; from here you select “Speed Up My System”.
If Autoplay is not enabled on your system, you can click on “My Computer” and then right-click on the Pen-drive/USB Drive; click on Properties and then “Ready Boost” tab and check the “Use this device” checkbox.
You can now move the slider to choose how much space you would like to be associated with this device.
In case you want to dedicate all the memory on your device, you can directly check the “Dedicate this device to Readyboost” and click OK.
Ready boost feature can prove to be blessing in disguise, if you are running short of memory and for some reasons cannot go for upgrading the memory immediately.

Increase the Paging File or Virtual Memory

When it comes to optimizing Windows 7, we have to but focus on memory size and RAM as this OS consumes more memory than does Windows XP. You can utilize some of the free hard disk space as virtual RAM, if your system is running short of memory.
You can follow the below given steps to configure virtual memory:
1. Click on Start button and the right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties” from the context menu that appears.
2. Click on “Advanced system settings”. Next, click on “Settings” button under “Performance” section.
3. From the window that appears, click on Advanced tab and click the “Change” button.
4. The recommended virtual memory size is generally 1.5 of your physical RAM. So if you have 3 G of RAM, you should ideally set the value to 4605 MB.

Limit the Running Programs at Startup

It is strongly advisable to keep only those programs in the Startup processes which are really necessary to load when the system boots. Rest all processes should be removed and started manually when you actually need them than to have them running in background all the time and slowing down the system performance by eating precious resources.
To enable or disable processes from Startup, you need to click on Start button and then run msconfig. From the window that appears Click on Startup tab and uncheck all those processes which you think are not really needed at the startup time.

Registry cleaning

If you think you have been using the system for a while now, it is good to have your registry scanned and fixed for errors. It can play a very important role in improving the performance of your computer. However, it is necessary that you opt for a reliable registry cleaning software.

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Yesterday I received an e-mail from “” which was fake and had a HTML attachment with a link to a phishing site to gather all the personal information and hack into SBI and other bank accounts.


Many users  have been receiving such fraudulent emails lately from or


sbi fraud

The HTML attachment contains the following text:


Dear Valued Customer, Your account has generated an Error code SB-907 in our new security system due to mis-match access. Please login via the security
link below to resolve this problem in order to enroll your SBI account in the new online System for mixmum security protection against online phishing.
For security reason all information should be match correctly to avoid account suspension,
including hint question and answer that you had set for the Profile password.


Thank you for using STATE BANK OF INDIA
© SBI . All rights reserved.


the link on that page directs to a phishing site which has an interface similar to which is UNSAFE and intended to steal your login info and other details.

sbi fake site


How to avoid being victim of such phishing scam?

Always look for the Green Security seal in the address bar. Websites protected by SSL Security will have security certificate which will be shown in Green by Firefox. Chrome and IE would be showing it differently. In this case the address bar will appear as shown in the images below:

sbi firefox



sbi chrome


sbi ie

Internet Explorer

Avoid online transactions on websites which don’t have security certificates, information entered like you password or your credit card details can be easily grabbed and misused. Moreover, always keep an eye on the address bar while logging in every site whether its Facebook or Gmail, etc. always check the spelling in the address bar.


How to report a Phishing Website?

Best way to report a phishing site is through Google.

Visit the Report Phishing Page

Enter the Website address, Fill the captcha text, comment(optional) and Submit Report.

Alternately, you can visit and follow the instructions on the page.


Hope you find this post informative. Beware of increasing Online Scams and Phishing attacks.