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blogger to wordpress

Congratulations on deciding to migrate your blog! Going from BlogSpot to a self hosted word press site can seem overwhelming, but take comfort in the fact that people like you do it every day.
HEADS UP: This is a simple walk through meant for the blogger with very little content on their Blogger blog. If you have years worth of content or just lots and lots of content I would strongly urge you to hire a professional to assist you in moving your blog. Moving the meat and potatoes of your site is the simple part, but making sure all of the links and all of your subscribers and your feeds don’t break? Well, that takes care that would be specific to each blog.
Before you begin the move you should do two important things on your BlogSpot blog:
1. Make sure you are using New Blogger

If you started a blog on blogger after 2006 you don’t need to worry about this, but if you are an “old school” blogger – you should double check that you have made the switch to the most updated interface of Blogger. The reason is that most importer tools simply won’t work with “old blogger”.
2. Back up your blog Blogger-settings
Using the new interface of Blogger: select Settings from the left sidebar and then click “other“. The first item you will see on the new screen will be “Blog Tools Import – Export blog – Delete blog“.


You want to click on Export blog. A screen will pop up explaining a bit about exporting-click on “Download Blog” and it will save on your desktop.
After these first two steps, you can begin moving on with the remaining steps:
3. Purchase a domain. When it comes to a domain keep it simple.
4. Purchase a hosting plan.

There are many hosting companies out there (and it can sometimes be super easy to simply purchase your domain and hosting all at once). Some host companies will bill you for a year of service and others will bill you monthly – do a bit of research and find a plan that works in your budget.
5. Change your feed.

If you are using Feedburner (it’s pretty great) – simply log in and add your new feed (which will come from your new domain)
6. Install WordPress on your new site.

Most host plans have something called one-click install so look for that in your “cPanel” and you will thank me. fantastico Simple Scripts and Fantastico are two examples. For increased security come up with a great user name and password (hint: don’t use “admin”)
[If you have any issues with set up you should always be able to reach tech support of your host company – hopefully you have selected a host that has a readily available support number. Some companies don’t.]
7. Log in to your wordpress account using your WP log in (this will be given to you after you do the install). It will look like


In the left sidebar look for Tools and click the arrow to reveal the options there. Now click on Import.
You will see that importing a blog from Blogger is listed on the list of blogs that are importable.


Click on the import from Blogger link.

(A pop up will come up inviting you to install the import tool- install it.) Follow the prompts for this install.
9. And this is the part where it can get yikes if you are importing a large amount of content – it’s possible that some of your links didn’t move over in a way that makes them, well, work. There are tools that can help you fix this.


On your WordPress sidebar look for Plugins and click the arrow to see the options there. Select “Add New”. Then do a search for “broken links” – there should be many options. Install one and activate it and follow the prompts to correct your links.
10. Spend some time making your new WordPress site your home!

When you are ready to direct your readers to your new site log back into your Blogger site and goto

Settings > Basic > Add a custom domain. Enter your new domain here.
12. Next (still in Blogger site) we need to add a bit of code to your HTML. To do this, in your left sidebar select Template and then under the page with an image of your site on it select HTML. A pop up will ask you if you REALLY want to do this.  Click Proceed.

ie: Template > Edit HTML > Proceed
Now you need to place this code after <head> Tag & Save Template:

<meta content=’0; url=’ http-equiv=’refresh’ />

This will help redirect traffic from your old site to your new site.
13. Check your work: is your feed directing properly, the links on your new site, the redirect on your old site? Fix what isn’t working.
14. Let everyone know you are moving! Post one final post on your old site, send out a tweet, and a status on your facebook page. Let your readers know to update their URLS if they have you in a bloglist.
15. If anything goes haywire – call an expert stat.


If you are facing any problem migrating the blog feel free to contact me. Also, leave your comments below.


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Business in the 21st century, whether you run a landscaping company or a law firm, depends heavily on the Internet, and while the possibilities for reaching potential customers seem endless, the truth of the matter is: Every one of your competitors’ websites is vying for the same space, attention and top search engine ranking that you are. If getting more meaningful traffic to your website is an essential component of your business’s day-to-day and long-term sustainability, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Here are seven little-known ways you can drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of driving traffic to your website via search engines, and while head terms are the most popularly searched keywords, they’re also the ones that see the most competition, which means if you’re focusing solely on them, you’re probably not ranking very high. Long-tail keywords on the other hand, are keyword phrases that are lengthier — often five to seven words long — and very specific. By building content and posts around long-tail keywords, you’re more likely to rank higher in searches and snag the very customers who are looking for what your business provides.

Use StumbleUpon

If you post blogs on a regular basis, be sure to submit them to StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a huge database of content from across the Web that finds content for users based on their interests. So, if you run a small flower shop that specializes in orchids, submitting your blog posts on orchids to StumbleUpon will ensure that readers who are looking for content related to orchids can find you.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

Headlines are what make people click through to get to your content and website. Especially if you post your blogs to social media, your headlines need to arouse curiosity and interest or no one is ever going to bother to read what you’re writing.

Entice Via Twitter

When you create content for your website, you need to promote it or no one will notice that it even exists. Twitter, because it’s such a short and constantly changing social medium, is an ideal place to promote new content, articles and blogs to help drive traffic back to your website. But enticing readers and potential customers via Twitter takes a particular knack. When you promote content via Twitter, do so under the following conditions:

  • · Use fewer than 100 characters. Short tweets have a 21 percent higher rate of interaction.
  • · Don’t just tweet the page or blog title. Be provocative so that people want to click through and see what your tweet is in reference to.
  • · Use stats, quotes — anything that will pique interest.
  • · Don’t forget the hashtags. Tags will help broadcast your tweet to similarly tagged topics and can help in extending your reach.

Fresh Content

Search engines want to give their users access to the most relevant and timely content on the Web, which means: If you aren’t generating fresh content, you’re not going to rank as high in searches. While it isn’t necessary to blog every day, fresh content will keep proving to search engines and potential visitors that your business is viable, active and participating. Try to write at least one blog post a week on something that your customers want to know about your industry or business.


Build Your Virtual Street Cred

There are a large number of ways you can increase your virtual street credentials within your industry or field, and every one of them will result in more traffic to your website. They just take a little bit of hustle and some quality writing skills. Examples include:

  • · Be a guest blogger.
  • · Include links to outside relevant posts on your website and blog.
  • · Join a blogging community.
  • · Respond to any blog comments thoughtfully and in a timely manner.
  • · Comment on blogs and articles that relate to your industry.

Do What Works

Spend ample time with your analytics to ensure that your time and energy is going where they’re most effective used. Just because someone else sees the bulk of their website traffic from Facebook posts doesn’t mean you will. Know what drives the majority of the traffic that your website gets and keep putting your energy in that direction.

Getting more web traffic is something every business is trying to accomplish, but there’s a lot more that can be leveraged than just traditional SEO. From writing fresh content to increasing your Twitter-savvy, these seven lesser-known ways to drive traffic to your website will eventually lead to measurable results that will benefit you and your business over the long-haul.

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While conducting a recent study, researchers found that several Android apps screen data on your device on a regular basis and share it with various sources. Some Android apps do this in all innocence but many others have a malicious intent. They drain out the data in your phone and use it against you. Once detected, malicious apps like these should be removed quickly in order to secure the data in your device.

So how do you get rid of malicious apps from your phone and keep your data safe?

Removing spy apps from your Android smartphone

As intruders and eavesdroppers increase in number, so does their access to computing systems. And with new developments and trends take over the tech world, hackers have also innovated new ways to extract data from a device and then use it for criminal purposes. One such way is getting people’s confidential data with the help of android spy apps.

On discovering a malicious app, its removal is the first action the smartphone owner should take for a happier digital life. If the user is not comfortable with technology and its twists and turns, taking the device to a smartphone supplier is going to solve this problem or simply factory reset the device.

Back up your Android device first

A factory reset means that the smartphone is going to the state it was in when you first purchased it. You are going to lose all the data that you have stored in your phone including your images, videos, music and other apps that are downloads as well as the spy app. You need to create a backup of all the data in your device before a factory reset. You can retrieve all the data that was in your device and download the apps you have lost later. Though it does involve a bit of a hassle, a safer smartphone is guaranteed.

Removing spy apps with OS updates

Re-installing the Android operating system is more or less similar to a factory reset but stops on a much lower level. The reinstallation of the operating system is not going to remove all the data and apps from the device but it will rid you of the spy software in it.

An OS update works this way because each spy software is designed according to operating systems. When the OS is updated the spy software starts facing compatibility issues and stops working. It is not as reliable as a factory reset but most of the times; it manages to remove the spy app in your smartphone.

Manual Removal

Removing spy software manually is not a thing for the layman. Only techies can manage it with ease. Once it has been detected, the user needs to know the exact location and names of the EXE files in the device. The software’s files have to be deleted from the root so that its entire functionality can be removed completely.

Protect your smartphone

When you have removed the spy app from your Android device, you need to build a fortress around your phone so that it is protected from further threats. Here are some ways to protect your Android device:

Use a Password App:

Google Play store is swamped with advanced security apps. Both free and paid, these apps allow you to configure a personal code to keep your data secure.

Install a Security App:

Many security apps help the user build a protection around your phone so that hackers and intruders cannot surpass. Antivirus apps also work the same way.

At the end of the day what you need to remember is that keeping your phone safe and secure is primarily upto you. If you go about it right then your phone will be fine. It only takes one bad app to expose you!

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Usability plays an important role in determining the success of a website. User-centric approach is a standard practice in the arena of web designing as the user decides the effectiveness of any site. For effective web designing, the first important step that a designer needs to take is to understand how a user uses the site and determine the behavioural pattern of the same. It has been noticed that the user notices a part of the text clicks on the link and if the page fails to cater the desired information they leave the page and continues the process.usability

Understand the behaviour pattern of users

It has been noticed, that a site with high quality content but not designed well has greater volume of traffic. When it comes to the usability of the site, the content plays an important role. An important pattern that has been also observed that the users do not read a webpage rather they scan the same, they go through the parts of the contents and then clicking on the links that are embedded in the site they reach their desired destination. Based on these patterns the designing and development of a website focuses the prospective user so that their requirement, mental models and goals can be achieved easily.

Make tagline prominent

Usability of any site refers to the easy availability of the information by the users. To ensure the usability of the site, the web designers resort to few methodologies. The first one is to include a tagline that delivers the motto of the company, its mission and philosophy. According to the research, any website has to grab the attention of the user within the first eight seconds. Tagline has often proved to be effective in gluing the attention of the user to the site. While designing, you can also implement a search box in the site for the convenience of the users.

Incorporate site maps

Use of graphics attracts the attention of the users and also caters the information in an easy way, but excessive use of the same might mar the effect of the same. The thumb rule of usability is to adopt a minimalist approach. A new element of designing is the site map that makes navigating through the site easy. These are structural representation of the architecture of the webpage. Site maps are displayed in the form of a document that enlists the content of the site and also help in SEO.

Maintain the workflow

The workflow of the website needs to be consistent, if required you can also guide the users through the workflow as when filling a form. Often the JavaScript links tend to disrupt the flow so refrain from using the same in the web design process. Change of color of the link that the users have already visited is another important process, if not so then there will be a break in the navigational design. As per the eye tracking research the users scan the pages in F shape. A research also stated the couple of paragraphs that appears first are the most essential ones. Use of sun heads also tells the importance of each of these paragraphs.

Test the usability

The ease of using the site is crucial to the success of the site, and the key to the same is that users can seamlessly interact with the site. Testing the usability of the site is also important. These can be done with the help of various advanced tools that measure the effectiveness of the factors that decide the usability of the site. Accessibility, readability, navigability of the site and user experience all are taken into account in usability testing.

Josephine Bale is a web designer and she emphasizes on the usability of the site and designs the site accordingly. To know the importance of the same you can visit our business site.

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Bluetooth devices have become the first choice for the gadget lovers. Thanks to its fantastic functionality! Recently, another gadget has been added to the list of numerous Bluetooth gadgets by a leading name in the world of wireless internet radios. Yes, it is Grace Digital.

Grace Digital Audio – The Name Synonymous with Wireless Internet Radios

This company offers a range of audio products sporting high quality, services and support. Whether it is wireless internet radio or outdoor/indoor wireless speakers, Grace has all kinds of innovative audio solutions for you. Having Grace’s products means enjoying convenience and control.

Grace Digital has unveiled its latest creation – the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver. This receiver is for the music lovers who enjoy the company of other music lovers and wish to share the tunes with one another.


This receiver operates when it is connected to home stereo or car stereo by means of RCA connectors, 3.5 mm analog jack or optical TOSLINK jack available with this wireless receiver. After this, 3 DJs can connect their music players or Bluetooth smartphones and start the LIVE playlist right away. This is just one of the many unique features associated with Grace Digital’s 3-Play.

However, one thing is still not clear as to whether this device is equipped with any sort of app or adjoining software that can create as well as manage the said playlist. If no such app or software is present, the 3-Play Audio receiver is likely to give rise to some chaotic situation. The start-stop will be a nightmare in that case – the DJs will battle amongst themselves regarding the current soundtrack and the songs will never finish. But, there is nothing to fear. Soon, Grace Digital will update facts regarding these inquiries.


The portable 3-Play features an extended memory which can store up to 7 Bluetooth devices thereby providing you with easy and quick accessibility for your music mates. Are your friends picky audiophiles? Nothing to worry about. The audio receiver features audio optimization through SBC, AAC aptX high bitrate support. The high bandwidth of the Bluetooth connection of this device offers it the flexibility of connection. The rechargeable in-built Lithium-ion battery of the device enables it to give pleasure to its users for around 10 hours.

The 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver will require you to shell out $99.99 USD. Is this a hefty investment for you? Well, its functionality pays for the price you bear for the device. It has the capacity of converting a home stereo to a Bluetooth-based system any time. If you are a gizmo enthusiast interested in buying many such innovative and advanced gadgets try free classified ads in Bangladesh. You can surely find a suitable deal for you from these ads.

Special Attractions

If you are looking for versatility in an audio player, pick this audio receiver from Grace Digital. Firstly, it gives you the facility to connect simultaneously 3 smartphones to a home stereo. Thus, with this high-end audio receiver, you can share your favorite music with your friends without disconnecting and reconnecting your mobile devices. All you have to do is hit the ‘Play’ button on any of your smartphones and the party begins!!!

This is not the end. There is more to it! You can also connect this 3-Play device with a car stereo and use it as a mobile device. It can be a perfect and decent companion for your boring road trips, no matter how long it is. Its outstanding battery backup will keep you amused all through. You can enjoy thoroughly while you are on wheels. Besides all these, the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver boast of flexible connectivity by the provision of 3.5 mm jack or RCA jack.

In this context, the CEO of Grace Digital Audio, Greg Fadul said, “With the 3-Play, our music-loving customers have more options for their tunes by collaborating with three Bluetooth enabled devices.” He further added, “Perfect for a party with your friends, the 3-Play keeps the music going seamlessly or it can shift the music mood with a simple click.”

Are you excited to experience this Bluetooth device? Music fanatics will certainly like to enjoy its company and turn their home stereo into a wireless audio system in no time.

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Optimizing your Facebook page is one of the most important steps to becoming successful and achieving your social media goals. So before you decide to launch a full scale campaign, remember to optimize everything first so that your campaign is as effective as possible. To help you out, we are going to go over 6 basic ways to better optimize your Facebook page.

Using The Best Name Possible

It can be hard to come up with a name that is appealing to your demographic, relevant, and even include some of your target keywords, but it is important that you put a lot of time and thought into this. The title of your fan page will be in the meta description and will be what people see first when searching through Facebook or through search engines. A lot of people just use a simple name such as their brand name, but don’t include anything else that will be more appealing. If someone has never heard of your brand before, why would they click a link to it?

Changing to a Custom URL

After a while, Facebook allows you to come up with your own custom URL, which is a major way to optimize your page. BY implementing your keywords and title, you will make it much easier for people to go directly to your page and will also be more efficient for search engines. Search engines uses the URLs in their algorithm, so if there are keywords within the URL, you are most likely to be indexed better for your target words.

Optimize the About Section of Your Page

This is another area where you will want to spend a lot of time. This is where people go to get the general idea of what your page is and what it offers. You will want to provide people with a general idea of what they are getting into and at the same time, you are going to want to include your keywords to increase the chances of being ranked properly. Usually the shorter it is, the more efficient it will be, but don’t cut it so short that it ruins the whole purpose of the about section.

Provide Updated Contact Information

This may be a bit obvious, but your contact information is going to have to be updated at all times so that people can easily get a hold of you. When making a website ,you should add an email or phone number, getting a hold of you outside of Facebook should not be a hard thing for them to do. This will help increase your conversion rates and also give you more opportunities to interact with interested people.

Get as Many Back Links As Possible

Back links have been one of the best ways to gain authority and get ranked higher, and nothing has changed. You should be trying to get as many back links to your fan page, and also including links in your page that lead back to your main website. Getting as many links as possible should be a high priority in your social media and SEO campaigns.

Only Post Attractive, Valuable, and Quality Content

The more people that you can attract, the more visibility your overall page is going to get. So to optimize your page as best as it can be, you should only be posting high quality content for people to look at and get interested in. If they have no interest in what you post, how do you expect to get a large and loyal following? Keep posting valuable and relevant content, and you will see your profile become much more successful.

There are plenty of strategies and optimization techniques, but using these 6 easy tips, you will have a much more optimized Facebook presence.