9 Ways To Watch Bollywood Movies Online

In the Mood of watching some Bollywood Movie Online but don’t know from where you can watch?. This post will help you watch high quality bollywood movies for FREE.
There are many services available on the net which allow you to watch Hindi Bollywood Movies Online. Here is a list of 9 popular sites:

9 ways to watch Bollywood Movies Online

1. ApnaView: ApnaView.com is a website which offers Free Movies Online. The site offers hindi movies, hindi albums, cricket highlights, hindi music videos, punjabi movies, punjabi music videos, tamil movies, malayalam movies, upcoming movies, etc.

2. DesiFun: DesiFun is also Another Great site for all the New Bollywood Movies and Albums.

3. BharatMovies: BharatMovies offers some good Quality DVD movies. They have the Huge Collection of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil Movies Online.  All Movies are in Good Quality.

4. MovieDesi: MovieDesi.com has a collection of over 300 Bollywood movies online including latest releases. You can also earn some money from them to upload some new and Good Movies there.

5. BollyClips: BollyClips.com is one of My favourite site, they have some good movie collection. If you don,t have so much time to watch the whole movie. And wand to see a particular scene from the Movie. So you can try this site they have lots of Clips from the Movies.

6. Hindi Movies Online: From here you can watch all the Latest Bollywood Hit Movies and Also download them to your PC.

7. BhejaFry: BhejaFry offers high quality DVD movies, Live TV, Live sports, radio and other music videos online for free. You can check out the complete list of movies here.

8. Bollysaga: Bollysaga.com a cool site with Lots of New and Old Movies. Although the collection of movies is less when compared with other, its worth a try.

9. 123OnlineMovies: Offers so many Hindi And Other Language movies. Most of the Movie are Uploaded in Youtube. And they have the Huge List Of Movies.

Adding few more online sites for bollywood movies,but not as popular as above 9 sites

  1. Lucky88
  2. Matrimonialbank
  3. MusicNmovies
  4. watch-hindi-movies.com
  5. VideoDuniya
  6. Bulbule
  7. Filminagari
  8. Interval
  9. Bolly-Zone
  10. Playdesi
  11. MovieDesi
  12. Hindilinks4u


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