Blackberry vs. iPhone – Office Wars

Microsoft and Apple have been doing battle for a long time now, but the last few years have been focused on the mobile war as much as the world of PC vs Mac. This continues in 2011 with the release of both Apple’s iPhone 4s and the Blackberry Torch. So, how do these two devices compare?

Both of these phones come equipped with excellent smart phone applications and capabilities. They both allow full-fledged internet access, meaning that getting to your web-based mail, cloud applications, and cloud storage are very simple. GPS navigation, access to an application market, WiFi capabilities, and expandable memory are a few other common traits. Both of these models also feature stronger and faster specs across the board.

Operating System

The first difference of major importance is the Operating System in use. The BlackBerry Torch is using BB6 – the newest in the OS lineup designed specifically for the BlackBerry brand. The difference between BB5 and 6 is found primarily in its social networking capabilities, picture and video features, and other media aspects.

The appeal is reaching far more toward the non-professional crowd, a change of pace that encroaches on Apple’s usual territory. Of greatest note, BlackBerry’s mobile internet access has expanded in a dramatic way, with load speeds testing faster than any other smartphone browser on the same network.

The Apple iPhone 4s OS, rather than adding features, has gone down the road of simplicity. It improves functionality, speed, and it helps extend battery life. For most, iOS5 is a superior system, but security concerns from early in the release stage still have some people frightened off.

The Looks

Aesthetically the two brands are moderately similar. Blackberry is a somewhat less thin model, but it does come equipped with a slide-out keyboard and a touch screen. The iPhone, on the other hand, requires that people use the tap-to-type QWERTY interface.

Screen Resolution

The greatest difference for those who care about image, however, will be found in the screen resolution. The Torch is only a 480 x 360 resolution, which falls short of the average for new release smart phones. The iPhone 4s approximately doubles these specs (960 x 640) and provides better imaging technology.

The Apps

Even with significant improvements to the Microsoft “App World,” the number of free and pay applications pales in comparison to those found in Apple’s network. In fact, App World still comes in third, placing behind Android, for mobile app markets.

Battery Life

Battery life is another spec where the iPhone 4s is superior to the BlackBerry. Battery life, a common criticism of smart phones, is finally starting to see some expansion. The Torch sees about five and a half hours of talk time – a step up from many other smart phones – but the iPhone 4s surpasses them all with seven hours of average talk time. Even though the battery life of the iPhone is better, the processing speed remains faster than the Torch.

Microsoft has finally brought a solid smart phone with mass appeal, but it may be a day late and a dollar short. The truth is, BlackBerry can’t hold a Torch to iPhone 4s.


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