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DIY HTC Repair for a Frozen ONE X

      “I just bought my new HTC One X. I still can’t get over its sleek design and fantastic display. Then I downloaded this Android app, and I left it to finish up. When I returned, I noticed that the screen froze and it just won’t budge. I can go to an HTC repair store, but I would have to do it later. I need my phone now! Help!”   Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, when your HTC One X hangs up, the remedy won’t be as simple as removing and reinstating the battery. One ...

6 Best Ways to Promote your Blog Online

Blogging has become a passion among online users. Every third online user has created his blog. Creating a blog is not a big task but making it alive and putting the required efforts to promote it are the big challenges. The successful bloggers are those who create a blog and establish it to make money online. So to make your blog successful, you need to promote your blog by using various promotional methods. One can analyze the result of his blog by measuring the amount of daily traffic and the ...

How to Root HTC Wildfire

Rooting is the process by which you gain better access in your HTC Wildfire operating system. HTC Wildfire has two major rooting procedures depending on your Wildfire S phone. Wildfire S phones can be CDMA or GSM types. CDMA phones do not use sim cards while GSM requires sim card in order for the phone to function. HTC GSM phones have A510a, A510e and A510b part numbers and CDMA phones only have part number A510c. GSM phones are called marvel while the Wildfire CDMA is called Marvelct or Marvelc. ...

5 Best Money Saving iPhone Apps

One of the nice things about having an iPhone is that you can access the App Store. With the App Store, you can download thousands of different applications from many different genres. You can download game apps, productivity apps, and many other applications. However, some of the best apps to download are the ones that can save you money. Here are some of the best money-saving iPhone apps that you can download. Coupon Sherpa Coupon Sherpa is an application to make it easy to use coupons while you ...

Google is Not Your Savior – - Shocked? ‘Get Over It’

Privacy on the internet has become as rare as oxygen in space. But there is no oxygen in space, you say. No, there isn’t. And the notion that there is privacy on the internet is a myth. As a citizen of the current day and age, you must come across loads of technology in your everyday life, whether it be your text message service, your TiVo, or the funky alarm app on your iPhone. And whether you know it or not, whether you care or not, pretty much everything you do is monitored and tracked. Still ...

Google Penguin update – its relevance and setbacks

The largest search engine on earth, Google would like to provide the best in class search results. In order to keep its commitment to offer quality search results to the vast user segment spread across the globe, Google will update the algorithm applied to check the website rankings on a periodic basis. In recent times, two updates launched by Google namely Panda and Penguin were successful in arresting spam sites and improving the rankings of genuine websites. While Panda update’s focus is to ...

Advantages of Data Center Colocation

Recently, the City of Los Angeles opted to changeover all of their desktop productivity software to a cloud-based solution that featured storage in a vendor-owned data center. The primary drivers behind the change were portability of access and lowered IT costs. Additionally, it was found that data center security for data stored would be at least as effective as the system that was currently in place. For businesses considering data center storage, it is useful to note that Los Angeles changed ...

Custom Ringtones For Free: Easy DIY Ringtones In Minutes!

One of the most fun aspects of the modern era smartphone is its ability to play actual songs and recordings as ringtones. Another great thing about them is that they now support everyday computer audio files for ringtones, which means you can make your own ringtones without having to pay anyone for it! Here are some free apps to get you started. Online Apps     There a multitude of online apps that allow you to make free ringtones from the songs that you already own. Most of them use Flash, ...
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