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Keyword Research: How Important is it in Your SEO Strategy?

Having a good strategy for your SEO efforts is essential for any business that has an online presence, and one major aspect of SEO is keyword research. A lot of businesses usually don’t give much attention to keyword research as they don’t see the many benefits that can come from having extensive research completed, but in reality, it can be the deciding factor that makes or breaks their SEO efforts. Let’s review the true benefits of keyword research and why it should be one of ...

Acer already prepping an updated Iconia W3 tablet

The Acer Iconia W3 was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2013 as it was the first full Windows 8 tablet that was attempting to take on the iPad Mini, and it was a bold move by Microsoft to try and regain market share in the mobile sector. It was a combined effort by Acer and Microsoft to bring Windows 8 to the massive mobile market but it seems that the tablet has somewhat fallen flat and its features leave much to be desired. The tablet has struggled with both its comfort factor and ...

On-Site Techniques for Website Optimization

Many SEO techniques are used for the optimization of the web pages in the ranking by the search engines. The techniques are mostly divided into two categories, viz, on-page and off-page. The on-page techniques are the one that are carried on the main website to improve its ranking, a few of which are discussed below. Title Tag The use of a title tag has been popular since the evolution of the websites. The title is the main index to the webpage, which is used by the readers and the search engines ...

Top 10 Most Affordable Best Laptops 2013

There are so many laptops coming up every now and then but choosing the ones that are most affordable and the correct laptop is quite confusing task. The year 2013 brings many such laptops which can be purchased within your budget. There is a list of 10 best laptops here to choose from at affordable prices, while considering these first think about what your requirements are and important factors let it be the screen size or battery life. All these factors are important to keep in mind as that will ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: All that we know

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy 4 from the Korean firm, and an identical knock of the success of the high-end Smartphone, S4 is predictably noticeable. With hopes to continue this series of amazing unbeaten Smart phones from the house of Samsung, the Korean company is expecting a reboot with its upcoming gadget, Samsung Galaxy note 3. If sources are to be believed, then Samsung would again be coming with a super-sized handset which would be even more astonishing, proposing the fact that the ...

Finding a Good Web Host through Social Media

Before the advent of social media, most website owners primarily used search engines to find a good web hosting service. Most of web hosting providers relied on traditional search engine optimization to increase rankings and attract customers. Banner ads (which used to be the rage) also left an influence on web surfers as they were presented with relevant web hosting ads based on their web hosting search queries. However, with the passage of time, internet users become ‘aware’ of marketing tactics ...

Reasons Why Your Devices Heat Up

Smart phones and tablets are now considered universal (being used all over the world) to access important information on the go. Although it’s a good thing when you become dependent on a single gadget or two, you have to make sure that it works fine and take good care of it. This is why when your smart phone or tablet gets hot, you start asking yourself questions: ‘Why is it heating up?’; ‘Should I buy a different brand?’; ‘Can this heat potentially cause the device to malfunction?’ There ...

3 Reasons to Favorite, Retweet and Like Social Media Posts

Social media provides an opportunity to share what you have to say or find an audience for your creative projects. It’s also a way to “meet” new friends online and find like-minded people. Whether you’re using social media to promote a product, service or brand, or you want to attract new followers, take the time to favorite, repost and like other people’s social media posts — but take caution not to overdo it. Demonstrate Your Thoughts Choosing to retweet someone’s post makes the ...
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