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Bing’s Big Plans for Social Search With Twitter

A business deal announced via a Twitter “tweet” outlined a continued partnership between Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Twitter, giving Bing direct access to all of Twitter’s tweets. The importance of this is measured by search engine bigwigs in terms of the possibility of real-time search results and what role Twitter’s tweets will play in being able to influence those results through integration in search algorithms or as part of a separate feed. The idea is that peoples’ tweet ...

Steve Jobs’ 5 worst ideas/products

A lot of richly deserved praise has been sung across the globe over the last week or so for Steve Jobs. As you probably know, Jobs announced that he is stepping down as CEO of Apple just over a week ago. The iPod, the iPhone the iPad have all been fantastically successful products but not everything Steve dreamed up was a runaway success. Here we profile 5 ideas & products of Steve’s that didn’t really work out: 1. The Apple LisaThe Lisa was the first major computer to use a graphical ...

Five Often Forgotten Computer Maintenance Tips

Just like maintaining a car so it runs nicely, you need to maintain your computer in the same way. People often do not realize this until something goes wrong. Lack of computer maintenance can cause your computer to slow down or even not work at all. It’s not all bad news though, as computer maintenance is relatively easy to perform yourself. There are many different things that I could list when it comes to computer maintenance; however I am just going to give you five often forgotten computer ...

5 Ways Facebook Is Completely Changing Things

Although initially just a social networking site, Facebook is quickly changing the way we do things. From dating to business and even travel, Facebook is growing to have an even stronger role in our everyday lives.Dating: 2% of all US marriages come from relationships starting through online dating, or so some platforms have claimed. As dating services are based upon filling in personal information and being matched to people with similar answers, they are inherently similar to the service Facebook ...

7 Must-Have Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy S2

One of the most popular smartphones on the market, Samsung Galaxy S2 comes pre-loaded with many useful apps. Even so, there are plenty more apps, many of them free, that you should download and install on your device – they will make your Galaxy S2 even more fun to use. Here are 7 great apps you should definitely grab.

Is Sitting at a Computer Ruining Your Eyes?

Computers allow us to communicate with people far away and visit far-away places with a few clicks of a button, but is sitting in front of a monitor that is only inches away hurting our vision?  There are several things about sitting in front of a computer all day that can be detrimental to your health, but let’s look at how your constant computer use can affect your eyes. You don’t get a new set of eyes when the ones you have wear out, so it’s important to take care of them.  Your eyes ...

Don’t Move Data From Computer to Computer – Move It To The Cloud

Up until recently, most companies have opted to keep their data storage in house as the technology for cloud computing  was limited and outdated. All of this has changed as recent technological developments have made this service more invaluable and practical than ever. Many successful businesses have realized the many benefits of this storage option including automatic synchronization of documents, reliable backups, lower overhead costs and remote access of data. The question then is it right ...

Top 10 Rumors for the iPhone

With the iPhone 5 release date right around the corner, there is much speculation of what will be offered with this new Apple product. On top of that with the recent retiring of Steve Jobs from his position as CEO, gossip and rumors are spreading like wildfire. Will the design be different? What kind of service can you expect? What new features will the iPhone bring? This is just a few of the rumors that have been going around concerning iPhone 5. Lets take a look at the top ten rumors for the iPhone ...
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