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Features to be Main Attraction of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Google has launched a new version of the Android operating system regularly, say every six months. The latest version, the Jelly Bean 4.2, is by far the most impressive and best performing operating system to date. It’s understandable then that many Android users are now excited to see what’s next in the Android world. Many want better responsiveness — phones that look elegant but are fluid in operation. And it seems that users will indeed get what they wish for. Google has announced that ...

Strategies Employed by SEO Professionals for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing essentially involves promotion of products and services using the internet that can be done via email and wireless media. This entire procedure includes advertising, sales, development and designing. To make people aware of your services and products, it is extremely essential to market your website. The more they will come to know about your website, it will help you to generate traffic to your website thereby boosting the sales. Power of Search Engine Optimisation Remember even ...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 : What’s New?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is anticipated to be the most highly rated Smartphone of 2013. It has been applauded by critics and the public alike. Samsung Galaxy S4 is riding a lot of expectations on its back. Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, the experts have started making comparisons with Samsung Galaxy S3. Both the versions have deep differences from each other in terms of technical specs, the price and the features riding on them. Some of the comparisons will make it easier for us to choose the preference ...

Office 365 to Enhance Your Business

Office 365 will certainly let you realize your dreams as you can host business through Cloud Office on 24 x 7 throughout the year. Microsoft has given the facelift to its popular commercial office software by releasing new Office 365 which acts as a service beyond the way that it works as software. The Office 265 is intended to enhance the productivity of your organization in all 360 degrees. It is true that development of new ideas, spread of information and sharing and collaboration among team ...

Add a Personal Touch to Everyday Gadgets

Everyday gadgets stay by your side, becoming an extension of you. So why not add a personal touch to these items that make life easier? Here are a few ways to personalize your phone, laptop, and keychain: Add a Personal Touch to Your Phone One of easier projects to personalize are phones because there are endless options that can turn your standard device into a reflection of your interests. Making a change to your background wallpaper can give your phone an entirely new look as well as give it ...

How To Find Out When You’re Paying Too Much For SEO

In order for a particular website to rank at a respectable position in search engine results, proper search engine optimization is required. Many of those who are into online business, or are looking to make money online through blogging, affiliate marketing and other mediums opt for SEO services. With so many benefits that SEO provides (good ranking, more customers, better revenue etc.), you may already being talking an SEO service from a particular company or a freelance provider. However, what ...

How Safe Is The Future Of SEO?

SEO is changing very rapidly and a lot of experts in the industry have started to talk about its future. Believe me, their opinion on this is very divided and more pessimistic. Some say SEO is here to stay and some are claiming that it will go obsolete in few years. Well! Nothing can be said right now. But I have my own analysis on future of SEO. Is it going to be safe for bloggers and website owners? What they should do? According to me future of SEO is not very encouraging because of following ...
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TV and Real Life: Influencing Each Other

Television has been an influential medium to people for over 50 years, starting with shows like “I Love Lucy” in the 1950′s to influential reality programs of today like “The Biggest Loser” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” Whether it is a quirky comedy or intense competition show, television truly contributes to the shaping of lives. Many famous actors grew up watching sitcoms and television movies, and got their inspiration from the actors they watched ...
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