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Sophos Conficker Removal Tool

Sophos a developer and vendor of security software and hardware, including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and Network Access Control for desktops, servers, email systems and other network gateways has released a tool to remove the harmful Conficker worm. The tool scans all your hard drives for Conficker worm infection and removes it completely if detected. The scanning is done in DOS mode and takes less time for scan and removal.

Watch Youtube on TV without internet connection

Great news for all the YouTube addicts. Here’s a cool and geeky way to watch YouTube on your TV without internet connection.

Convert PDF to Microsoft Word Online

There are various Free utilities available to convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF files and other formats. Now, using the Free Online service you can convert PDF files to DOC/RTF format quickly. The converted files are editable and accurately done. The procedure is pretty simple. Browse and select the PDF file which you want to convert, Select the format (DOC or RTF), enter the e-mail address where you would like to receive the converted editable word file and click the “Convert” ...

How to make GTalk Status Always Idle

Gtalk as we know is Google’s AIM, a simple and lightweight Messenger. However, it lacks some features compared to Yahoo Messenger and MSN. The Gmail chat has the option to go Invisible. but there’s nothing like “Invisible Mode” in Gtalk yet to keep annoyers at bay. But what one can do is set the status to “Always idle” and pretend like they are away from PC. gAlwaysIdle is one such tiny software that will help to do the same.

Delete Undeletable files like Trojan or Virus Files

Some files left by viruses, trojans or files with corrupt filenames are difficult to delete in Windows. Such Files which are hard to delete can now be deleted using DeleteDoctor. Can also delete files like the “index.dat” files, which store Internet history, by scheduling them for deletion upon system restart. Very simple and easy-to-use program, simple select the file you want to delete or just darg-and-drop and choose the deletion method.

Set Fake Idle Status on Yahoo! Messenger

Many Yahoo! users ask me how to set “Fake Idle” Or Fake “View My Webcam” status on their messenger to fool people. Well, there are are many softwares available on net that allows you set random or Funny status messages. HyperIM is one such Software, but the problem here is you have to run such software along with yahoo messenger and change status every time through that software. YIM-StatusMagic is tiny program which will add the Fake idle, Fake Webcam, etc.. to the status dropdown menu ...

Translate text online in 34 languages at once

While surfing the internet i came across this cool website called Nice Translator which translates text to 34 different languages as you type. The site is powered by Google Translate hence the results are same as Google. Just select the Languages you want and start typing. The text will be automatically translated in real-time. The site works fine on mobile phones including iPhone. So next time you in some different country and you can’t speak their language, this site will help you to translate ...

How to remove Virus from USB drives

Pen drive  has become the second most largest medium to spread virus from one pc to another after internet. They spread rapidly on PC’s which do not have good antivirus program(updated regularly).  Such Viruses (possibly  malwares/spywares) use the Autorun feature to infect machines. You plug the infected pen drive to your machine and your machine gets infected, this  article will help you turn off the Autoplay feature and delete all the viruses from your USB drives.
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