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3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver – Rock Wirelessly!!!


Bluetooth devices have become the first choice for the gadget lovers. Thanks to its fantastic functionality! Recently, another gadget has been added to the list of numerous Bluetooth gadgets by a leading name in the world of wireless internet radios. Yes, it is Grace Digital.

Grace Digital Audio – The Name Synonymous with Wireless Internet Radios

This company offers a range of audio products sporting high quality, services and support. Whether it is wireless internet radio or outdoor/indoor wireless speakers, Grace has all kinds of innovative audio solutions for you. Having Grace’s products means enjoying convenience and control.

Grace Digital has unveiled its latest creation – the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver. This receiver is for the music lovers who enjoy the company of other music lovers and wish to share the tunes with one another.


This receiver operates when it is connected to home stereo or car stereo by means of RCA connectors, 3.5 mm analog jack or optical TOSLINK jack available with this wireless receiver. After this, 3 DJs can connect their music players or Bluetooth smartphones and start the LIVE playlist right away. This is just one of the many unique features associated with Grace Digital’s 3-Play.

However, one thing is still not clear as to whether this device is equipped with any sort of app or adjoining software that can create as well as manage the said playlist. If no such app or software is present, the 3-Play Audio receiver is likely to give rise to some chaotic situation. The start-stop will be a nightmare in that case – the DJs will battle amongst themselves regarding the current soundtrack and the songs will never finish. But, there is nothing to fear. Soon, Grace Digital will update facts regarding these inquiries.


The portable 3-Play features an extended memory which can store up to 7 Bluetooth devices thereby providing you with easy and quick accessibility for your music mates. Are your friends picky audiophiles? Nothing to worry about. The audio receiver features audio optimization through SBC, AAC aptX high bitrate support. The high bandwidth of the Bluetooth connection of this device offers it the flexibility of connection. The rechargeable in-built Lithium-ion battery of the device enables it to give pleasure to its users for around 10 hours.

The 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver will require you to shell out $99.99 USD. Is this a hefty investment for you? Well, its functionality pays for the price you bear for the device. It has the capacity of converting a home stereo to a Bluetooth-based system any time. If you are a gizmo enthusiast interested in buying many such innovative and advanced gadgets try free classified ads in Bangladesh. You can surely find a suitable deal for you from these ads.

Special Attractions

If you are looking for versatility in an audio player, pick this audio receiver from Grace Digital. Firstly, it gives you the facility to connect simultaneously 3 smartphones to a home stereo. Thus, with this high-end audio receiver, you can share your favorite music with your friends without disconnecting and reconnecting your mobile devices. All you have to do is hit the ‘Play’ button on any of your smartphones and the party begins!!!

This is not the end. There is more to it! You can also connect this 3-Play device with a car stereo and use it as a mobile device. It can be a perfect and decent companion for your boring road trips, no matter how long it is. Its outstanding battery backup will keep you amused all through. You can enjoy thoroughly while you are on wheels. Besides all these, the 3-Play Bluetooth Audio Receiver boast of flexible connectivity by the provision of 3.5 mm jack or RCA jack.

In this context, the CEO of Grace Digital Audio, Greg Fadul said, “With the 3-Play, our music-loving customers have more options for their tunes by collaborating with three Bluetooth enabled devices.” He further added, “Perfect for a party with your friends, the 3-Play keeps the music going seamlessly or it can shift the music mood with a simple click.”

Are you excited to experience this Bluetooth device? Music fanatics will certainly like to enjoy its company and turn their home stereo into a wireless audio system in no time.

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