6 Qualities That Make Mothers the Perfect Entrepreneurs

A woman has to choose between family and career? Nonsense, this view is more than obsolete nowadays, because it is precisely the motherhood that carries important skills that help in starting a business.

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Career and family are no longer mutually exclusive. This is also what Lisa Janvrin, the founder of YouthfulNest, sees. She herself has four children and says motherhood prepared her for life as a businesswoman. Building a company can be just as nerve-wracking and fulfilling as educating a child. In order to encourage other women to take the step into entrepreneurship, she uses 6 examples to explain why mothers are the better entrepreneurs.

1. The better handling of problems and conflicts

As a mother, you are used to not having everything going as planned. No matter if its the nighttime bed-wetting incident or tantrum on the playground, children are unpredictable. But no matter how stressful some situations are, the next moment the child gives a heart-softening smile. And it is precisely these moments that remind a mother that effort and stress are worthwhile. It can be very similar when starting a business. Plans are ruined, financial bottlenecks threaten and sometimes you just feel drained. But like a child’s smile, the smallest profits of your business can put you on the right track again. Because as a mother, you also appreciate the little things in life.

2. The serenity as a true blessing

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Most mothers do not lose their nerve for every little thing. If the child stumbles once, the ambulance does not have to be called immediately. And if they break something, it just happens. The focus is more on spending time with the child and enjoying with them despite minor mishaps. This kind of focus is also important for entrepreneurs. You should not panic about every little problem, but keep an eye on the long-term goals. So the work is not only relaxed, but also driven forward.

3. The perfect time management in stressful everyday life

Some days are simply completely planned. School, shopping, training, piano lessons, all this must be arranged. But this is exactly where mothers are mostly experts because, despite everything that is pending, the daily routine remains regulated. Even with spontaneous changes.

Moms easily wade through daily to-do’s distinguishing urgent tasks from long-term goals, making us very efficient at our job.

Time management is just as important for entrepreneurs. One should not lose track of things and need to know exactly when tasks need to be done to reach a specific goal. With many small to-dos, one should be able to estimate, where most of the time to be invested. Only then can a company be managed as effectively as a family.

4. The constant role change

Mothers face different roles every day. In addition to the mum, they are often still craftswoman, pastor for overstrained teens, star chef or even playmate. She also has to acquire some skills over the course of time, but it is precisely this willingness to try out new things that distinguishes a mother. The situation is similar with entrepreneurs again. Of course, they also have some basic equipment, but they have to stay flexible during their careers and train new skills. Otherwise, you run the risk of surrendering directly to challenges. As you can see, mothers also have an advantage from this point of view.

5. Better dealing with self-doubt

Refusal is part of the daily business of a mother. For example, when the dear little one develops into a father-child, or the teenager no longer wants hugs and cuddles in the car when you drive past his friends. These are not easy situations, especially if you have always given everything for your child. But the other way around, mothers do not usually regret their devotion because they know why they did it. This is how Lisa Janvrin describes:

We continue giving of ourselves because we know unwavering dedication makes all the difference in raising a good human.

And, as everyone knows, rejection is nothing new for entrepreneurs. Sometimes you just cannot find lenders or the whole core idea of the company turns out to be a total flop. Many entrepreneurs take these setbacks very personal instead of looking ahead. Here, mothers are at an advantage again: Similar to their child, they are more capable of focusing on the big end goal, so they are less likely to be disturbed when plans go awry.

6. The overview of all finances

Often, the family fund is in Mother’s hands, means she is in charge of all the purchases and everything else. It’s not cheap to raise kids, so it’s important to decide what money should be spent on. Especially with regard to large extra expenses, such as day trips to amusement parks or family vacations, priorities must be set. If you start your own business, it goes very alike. Entrepreneurs usually start with limited equity and need to develop a sense of what makes an investment worthwhile. Spending money in the wrong place can break the neck of a business. That is why it is an advantage if you already have knowledge in the management of finances before the foundation. Like a mother.


There are still people, men, and women who want to make others believe that you can only have family or a career. Lisa Janvrin has thoroughly refuted this error with her insights from her own life. Of course, it is not easy to regulate both, especially in terms of time and money. But a mother is not just a good housewife, but a strong soul. In addition, domestic duties and child rearing are no longer unique to women today. Many fathers also join in and go on parental leave in order to strengthen their women’s back. So dear mothers, do you dream of starting a business? Then just listen and do not let yourself be told you could not make it.

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