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We’ve probably all had our share of nasty offices; I could probably write a book on all of the bad offices that I’ve worked in or seen. If you’ve worked in an office that wasn’t suitable for your needs, you’ll be aware of how demotivating it is. It’s hard enough to drag yourself out of bed in the morning without having to work in a workplace that’s horrible. If you’re now in the position of creating a workplace that people actually want to work in, you’re obviously going to want to make sure that you get it right.

How do you create a happy workplace, that people actually want to come and work in?


Light, glorious light!

How bright a space is, especially when it comes to the office, has been proven to have an effect on productivity. The brighter – as long as it isn’t too bright – is generally better. If the office is too dark, your staff aren’t likely to be very productive.

Another thing to consider is colours in the workplace. Although it might seem like pristine white walls and boring desks might be the best option for a workplace, psychologists have demonstrated that a few colours in particular can help people to better perform the tasks they have. Experts say that blue creates a focused environment, where as yellow is better for creatives.

Light and colours are important to the workplace, as they flick light switches in our heads. Although the increase in productivity might not be immediate, you’ll see over time that productivity is increased, and staff are working harder.


Contrary to the heading of this point, you don’t want your office to be the epitome of comfort; your employees come to work to complete tasks, not relax. However, a certain level of comfort can certainly help productivity in the workplace.

If you work in an office that’s devoid of any personalisation whatsoever, does your workspace actually feel like it’s yours at all? With a few little personal touches to your desk, you can make the space feel significantly more comfortable, which has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace. If you’re comfortable instead of uptight, you tend to end up getting more work done.


A tidy workplace is a happy workplace; a productive workplace. When it gets to the point where people can’t find anything they need on their desks or in the office, productivity is inevitably impacted.

Although it might not be strictly true that untidiness means unproductivity, it does in most cases. If you can’t find something that you need in your office, you have to spend time looking; this consumes time that you could be using for other tasks.

Bringing a bit of organisation into your workplace isn’t difficult. Some drawers or small cabinets can make all the difference in terms of tidying up the office space. Perfect for storing all the documents you could possibly need, you or your staff are never going to have a problem when you or they are looking for documents. At the very least, investing in a try for bits and pieces of paper lying about can make a big difference to how a desk looks and feels.

Neatness in the workplace can help your staff to get more work done. Why wouldn’t you want to tidy up a little?

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from Hope Park. Jack loves reading, films and the great outdoors.

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