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Evergreen Content – This is how the Cash Cow works in Content Marketing


Evergreen Content helps you to generate permanent traffic and to reach top rankings in Google. Creation, examples and benefits of the format.


If you want to be highly regarded by both search engines and users, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in curating content. Over and again new and fresh content have to be created. This is very exhausting and consumes a lot of resources. Would it not be great if you put a lot of work into content and could then rank this content permanently with Google? This is possible with Evergreen Content, because Evergreen Content is, so to speak, the Cash Cow among the content types.

Evergreen Content – short definition

Evergreen content is search engine optimized web content, which is of lasting relevance to users, offers them added value and does not lose their significance. This precludes the treatment of trend topics and news. Evergreen content is a kind of timeless content that generates traffic all the time.

Conceptual origin

The term “Evergreen” comes originally from botany and describes all evergreen trees like pine. The evergreen tree is a symbol of eternal life because it keeps its leaves during the seasons and does not lose them. Evergreen content is considered as the trees as permanently fresh.

Requirements for Evergreen Content

Basically, all content that does not go outdated has the potential to be called an evergreen content. Further prerequisites are a high content quality as well as the focus on a topic. Content that covers multiple topics is usually relatively superficial and does not reflect expert knowledge and depth. Such content often does not have the quality level that content must have in order to provide added value and to be of lasting interest to users. Evergreen content should also contain information or links to further information and source references, as these make the content even more valuable to the user.

Creation of evergreen content

If you want to create content that should become Evergreen, then you should follow these guidelines and tips:

    • Always ask yourself when creating the content, which is also interesting and entertaining in the long term for topics related to your company and your brand for your target group.
    • Do not write for subject matter experts, because these are not the users who are looking for help on the Internet.
    • Create the content so that it attracts the attention of the users at first glance and the user has the desire and interest to read the content, that is: create an appealing headline, pay attention to the easy readability of the text, add vivid images, videos or other Including media content.
    • Create and publish search engine optimized content, that is: Places keywords in the text, in the meta description, title texts, in the permalink and optimize the loading speed of the website.
  • Publish the content as far as possible without a date. An older date makes the content appear stale for the user and especially for search engines like Google. A corresponding devaluation in the ranking can be the result.
  • Update and optimize the content regularly to keep it “evergreen” for your users. This also gives Google the signal that the content is updated regularly.

You can and should revise the content

  • If something has changed in the product offering and range of services that is relevant to the content.
  • If something has changed in processes displayed in the content.
  • When there are new developments related to the content.
  • If you think of other relevant aspects of the topic that have not yet been considered in the content.
  • If the information or links to further information and source references are outdated or new, interesting has been added.

 Typical examples of evergreen content

As already mentioned, Evergreen Content has no direct relation to current incidents, numbers or trends and thus has no expiration date, from which the content becomes irrelevant to the users. But which content meets the basic requirements for evergreen content? Here are some formats that are by nature ideal for evergreen content and are often used as such in content marketing :

  • Glossaries / Dictionaries / Wikis / Encyclopaedias

    The most typical evergreen content is content in the form of definitions and explanations of individual terms or subject matter. Online reference works are very popular with users. Hardly anybody opens a print-work if a term is not clear to him or he needs a short and factual explanation on a topic – almost everyone “googles” this today with a search query via smartphone, tablet or PC.

The most popular reference works and the largest creator of evergreen content are ” wikipedia ” and ” “.

  • Tutorials / Tutorials
    General instructions for beginners: Html basics for beginners, WordPress for beginners, etc. or detailed “How-To” Guides: How do I sew a gym bag ? How do I laminate? How do I tie a tie? How do I change a bicycle tube? etc.

Guides are not only the form of texts, but also in the form of videos and graphic sequences created or enriched with them.

  • Guidebook
    Timeless topics can also make guides very easy for evergreen content. Good examples of this are guides around the topics of nutrition, household, partnership and family, sports and career.

Probably the biggest creators of Evergreen Content guides are the and sites .

  • Listings / Top Rankings
    Particularly helpful and therefore frequently visited on the Internet are pages with lists of specific providers and resources. For example, lists can be offered with the best SEO tools for WordPress and their reviews, the best restaurants in the city or lists of the best strategy games including short explanations and reviews.

All of these lists have great potential for evergreen content, as they can be kept up-to-date with relatively little time-consuming care.

  • Historical Treaties
    History is history and usually does not change anymore. Therefore, historical articles z. For example, to specific events, epochs, people, institutions or companies ideal to evergreen content.

But even this content may need to be corrected or extended if z. B. new findings.

  • FAQ 
    FAQ’s also have the stuff for evergreen content. Frequently asked questions about specific applications, processes, products or services always attract numerous interested users who need short and direct answers to their questions.

In FAQ, the site ” ” is one of the most visited sites worldwide.

Use of Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content takes a lot of effort and time, but it’s well worth the investment. The benefits of evergreen content can be very diverse and high depending on the company, content marketing objectives, and content project implementation. Ultimately, the ultimate goal of most content marketing campaigns is not to increase traffic per se, but to achieve higher-level business goals, mostly financial ones.

Some examples of how Evergreen Content can help achieve these goals are:

  • High ranking on search engines like Google.

Evergreen Content continuously generates traffic through its ongoing relevance to users and its high quality. Together with the measures implemented to optimize the content for search engines, this leads to a top ranking at Google. The bottom line of the top ranking is the good visibility of the content via search engines and the resulting increase in the number of visitors.

One great benefit of timeless content is that it can be posted periodically over social media. Since evergreen content of high relevance for the user, it is constantly shared to other users via social media, gelikt, commented and so spread on the net.

The proliferation of content via social media, in turn, is a positive signal for search engines and in turn, contributes to the top ranking.

  • Boost Business and/or brand awareness

Due to the top ranking and the wide distribution via social media, the visibility of the content in the network is significantly increased. That means users encounter this content everywhere in the network. If your own business and/or your own brand is well positioned in this content, it contributes significantly to the business/or. Brand awareness.

  • Good reputation of the company and/or the brand as well as strengthening customer loyalty

As a further benefit, Evergreen Content can be used to strengthen the reputation of your own company or brand. Expertise can be built up through high-quality, knowledgeable, value-added content. Useful expertise can be conveyed to users in an easy-to-understand way – that contributes to a good reputation, builds trust and ties, with customers.

  • Gaining customers and increasing sales

As mentioned earlier, the creation of evergreen content usually has monetary objectives. Each of the benefits mentioned so far contributes to this and, in the sum of more users, leads to more customers for more sales. Thus, the acquisition of customers and the associated increase in sales cannot be regarded as an independent use of evergreen content but is ultimately the result of all aspects of usage.

The benefit of increasing Evergreen Content’s revenue over time-fading content is that it has a long-lasting impact. Theoretically, content that will be released today can still attract customers in five years’ time.


With evergreen content, much can be achieved. It is not primarily necessary that the content generates mass traffic, but that it attracts the right users – namely their own target group and thus potential customers.

But as valuable as evergreen content as an instrument in the area of content marketing, the focus should not be on it alone. Important is the ideal mix of evergreen content and current information. This signals to users that they are on the pulse of the times, know their current needs, adapt to them and always offer them the appropriate content but also products and services.

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