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Optimize Your Facebook Page In 6 Easy Steps


Optimizing your Facebook page is one of the most important steps to becoming successful and achieving your social media goals. So before you decide to launch a full scale campaign, remember to optimize everything first so that your campaign is as effective as possible. To help you out, we are going to go over 6 basic ways to better optimize your Facebook page.

Using The Best Name Possible

It can be hard to come up with a name that is appealing to your demographic, relevant, and even include some of your target keywords, but it is important that you put a lot of time and thought into this. The title of your fan page will be in the meta description and will be what people see first when searching through Facebook or through search engines. A lot of people just use a simple name such as their brand name, but don’t include anything else that will be more appealing. If someone has never heard of your brand before, why would they click a link to it?

Changing to a Custom URL

After a while, Facebook allows you to come up with your own custom URL, which is a major way to optimize your page. BY implementing your keywords and title, you will make it much easier for people to go directly to your page and will also be more efficient for search engines. Search engines uses the URLs in their algorithm, so if there are keywords within the URL, you are most likely to be indexed better for your target words.

Optimize the About Section of Your Page

This is another area where you will want to spend a lot of time. This is where people go to get the general idea of what your page is and what it offers. You will want to provide people with a general idea of what they are getting into and at the same time, you are going to want to include your keywords to increase the chances of being ranked properly. Usually the shorter it is, the more efficient it will be, but don’t cut it so short that it ruins the whole purpose of the about section.

Provide Updated Contact Information

This may be a bit obvious, but your contact information is going to have to be updated at all times so that people can easily get a hold of you. When making a website ,you should add an email or phone number, getting a hold of you outside of Facebook should not be a hard thing for them to do. This will help increase your conversion rates and also give you more opportunities to interact with interested people.

Get as Many Back Links As Possible

Back links have been one of the best ways to gain authority and get ranked higher, and nothing has changed. You should be trying to get as many back links to your fan page, and also including links in your page that lead back to your main website. Getting as many links as possible should be a high priority in your social media and SEO campaigns.

Only Post Attractive, Valuable, and Quality Content

The more people that you can attract, the more visibility your overall page is going to get. So to optimize your page as best as it can be, you should only be posting high quality content for people to look at and get interested in. If they have no interest in what you post, how do you expect to get a large and loyal following? Keep posting valuable and relevant content, and you will see your profile become much more successful.

There are plenty of strategies and optimization techniques, but using these 6 easy tips, you will have a much more optimized Facebook presence.

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  • What is the use of getting back links to a facebook page? All the link juice will go to Facebook. How will be benefit from it?