5 Messy Things You Should Not Post On Your Facebook Wall

To avoid any kind of security nuisances or any other mess, you should be aware of certain things that should not be posted on your Facebook account. Here are mentioned five such things that you should avoid posting on Facebook.

With the myriad of social networking sites popping out every day, Facebook has certainly acquired a distinct and topmost position in regard of popularity. Every day millions of online users log into Facebook and share their ideas, views, photos, videos and many more things to rest of the world.

But with the increase in the popularity of Facebook, one more thing which has gained much hype these days is hacking of your Facebook account. Computers in Mumbai face such spam attacks very often and the reason is the ever-increasing number of Facebook users. So, it has become quite unsafe and dangerous to share your personal information and other details on Facebook as it can cause serious nuisances to you.

Thus, to avoid any kind of security nuisances or any other mess, you should be aware of certain things that should not be posted on your Facebook account. Here are mentioned five such things that you should avoid posting on Facebook.

1. Current Location


We all know very well that everything we put on internet does not remain private, anyone can see it any time. So when Facebook asks you for your current location or who you are with at present, don’t ever post the correct information. No matter, you have set your account to private status updates, there is always some bad eyes watching your feed and can damage your whole security at a single click.

2. Fake Sympathy Posts

Message circulating on Facebook claims that Facebook will donate $1 per share to help a sick baby shown in an accompanying photograph.

The message is a hoax. Facebook will certainly not donate $1 per share to help this baby or any other. Sharing this image will NOT help this baby in any way. The photograph may have been taken and reused in this absurd hoax message without the permission of the baby’s parents. In some cases the unauthorized sharing of such images cause great distress to the families of the infants portrayed. Perpetrating such scams by sharing or reposting them is immortal and irresponsible.

3. Facebook’s New Payment System


 Have you ever received some messages saying that Facebook has started a paid service for all the users. A message is shown mentioning different types of membership services and it is also stated that if you copy and paste this message today, you will get free membership. And if you don’t pay, your Facebook account will be deleted and it is also told to share it with your friends.

I am warning you friends! This is all rubbish! Facebook has never asked you for any kind of membership. It is a free social networking site, so just stop posting these kinds of messages and status updates.

4. Impersonal Personal Messages



This is just a kind of stupid message that you might have seen on Facebook but this is nothing more than a nuisance created to get you into trouble.Whenever this kind of status update is seen, people often try to express their feelings or views vaguely by posting status updates. But these indirect messages are actually not meant for you, so just stop your Facebook wall to get polluted by posting these status updates.

5. Your Vacation Picture


 It’s really very unsafe to put your holiday photos or pictures on Facebook. Because by doing so you can be a victim of internet hackers who love to post your beautiful pictures at the porn websites, especially the photos taken of you at beach side. So, please, especially the ladies, stop posting your lovely holiday pics on your Facebook profile, otherwise you would find them at the places where you never expect to see. You know that there is a download link beneath your post pictures and there is nothing like privacy on any social networking site. So don’t upload any of your photos on Facebook.

Also, …Don’t broadcast your vacation schedule. Don’t tell everyone on the social network you’re going to be away on vacation for weeks! You’re only saving thieves time and gas looking for empty, unguarded homes to rob.

Other than the above points what are the things you think one should not post on Facebook? Do comment and share you thoughts.

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