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gmail-logoMany users have one or more Gmail accounts for different purposes. Most use one Gmail account for orkut and other for checking mails. So now if you want to use both accounts simultaneously, you have to open two separate browsers for the same or keep logging in and out from time to time. This can be really hectic if you are sharing your pc with your spouse, friend, roommate, etc. Well, not anymore, Gmail now allows you to sign in multiple accounts in the same browser with couple of clicks.

This feature was added few months ago but still many users unaware of it. Follow these steps and start multi-account browsing without logging in and out.

1. sign into you Gmail account and go to the “Gmail account settings” on top right of the page.


2. On the settings page, Under Personal Settings > Multiple sign-in, Click Edit. 


3. Now, at the multiple sessions page check the radio button which says “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” and Click the Save button.


4. You will get a message: Your account information has been updated and saved. and you are done.

Start using two or more accounts on same browser, Select your desired account by clicking the arrow next to your address on top right of your page.



This new feature works with Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Voice, Google Finance, Google Sites, Google Code and Gmail. Offline Mail and Offline Calendar will be disabled and you may lose any unsent mail.

UPDATE: Lately Google made some changes in interface and added a navigation bar on top, so you won’t see the Blue Down Arrow as in Step 4. Now you have to click the “Switch Account” button for the same.


After entering additional account’s credentials the  account switching options will look like this.switch-accounts

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