How to Optimize USB Drives

usbiconUSB drives or most commonly called pen drives as purchased come with company formatted FAT file system. Changing the file system to NTFS can vastly improve the performance making the drive work faster than before. In this post i will guide you on how to convert the FAT file system to NTFS for better performance.  Just follow these simple steps to Optimize your USB drive in less than 5 minutes.

1] Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and click Properties.

Now, select the Harware tab on the System Properties Window and Click the Device Manager button.

2] Right click the USB drive and select Properties.


3] Choose the ‘Policies‘ tab and select the ‘Optimize for performance‘ option.

4] Click OK.


5] Now, Open My Computer, Right click the USB drive and click Format.

6] Choose NTFS in the File System dropdown menu.

7] Click Start to format.

usb3Thats it!.

You’re done.  Now your USB drive is Optimized for faster performance.

If you have more  tips on optimizing USB drives  feel free to comment.

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