Lock folders in Windows without software

In my earlier post I have explained how to Make Folder Invisible without Using Any Software. That was just making the folder invisible by changing the folder icon to blank icon and remove the folder name.  The folder locking softwares are complicated for some and mostly sharewares. Today i am going to explain how to lock the folder without using any software.

The whole idea is to make the desired folder a short to windows contol panel. This can be done just by renaming the file and making it appear a shortcut to the windows control panel.

To make it simple will explain with a simple example.

Suppose i want to Lock a folder “VIDEOS” located in my “D:\” drive.


MAKE LOCK FILE : Now in the same drive make a new text document and  type the code in the file

ren  VIDEOS.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Now save the file as “LOCK.BAT”

This file will be used to lock the folder whenever you want to.

(Click to enlarge)

All you have to do is run the lock.bat file and the VIDEOS folder will turn into a shortcut to windows control panel.

After running the LOCK.BAT file the folder will look like this

(Click to enlarge)

Your VIDEOS folder is now shortcut to the control panel and there is no way one can view the original contents of that folder.


MAKING UNLOCK FILE: Now that  you have locked the folder and wish to rollback to the normal VIDEOS folder you need the KEY to open the lock. This is again very simple and same.

Now again make a new text file and type this in the file

ren VIDEOS.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} VIDEOS

Save the file as KEY.BAT or UNLOCK.BAT

Use this file to rollback to a normal windows folder.  You can keep the LOCK.BAT in the folder so you can lock the folder whenever you wish. I recommend you to keep the KEY.BAT to keep a separate folder So only you know where the KEY is and only you can unlock the folder with a double click.

NOTE: The code in the  text file is important and i advise you to save it a text file for further use.

Also remember, Both the LOCK.BAT and UNLOCK.BAT files has to be in the same drive/folder for the changes to happen when you execute those batch files. Simple reason because they rename the folder to the windows control panel shortcut.

Isn’t that simple? Go Try now.

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