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Local SEO Success: Getting There and Maintaining It


When thinking about local SEO, the first thing to come to mind is getting your website in one of the top 3 spots on Google after a search is done, the 3 that come up with a map and an instant button to get your searches connected with directions and additional information. Before 2015, there were 7 spots for websites. Now that it has been dropped, a change created to make searching easier for the users and to mimic the mobile layout more, many websites and businesses are looking for ways to get their sites noticed. Visibility is important for getting and maintaining traffic to your online presence. There are a few ways to boost your local SEO techniques, so read on!

Talk with an expert.

It is always recommended to go to an SEO expert when trying to improve your website to avoid getting penalties and to properly use your time and resources. SEO is a constantly changing world, and it’s important to stay on top of your game with internet marketing. Mississauga is an example of a city that has offices with experts for SEO purposes. Going to a local agency or connecting with them online and having a conversation could help you plan.

Contact web page

Every web page for a local business should have a contacts page, one that includes as much relevant information as possible. You can code a Google map to your page, and including the exact name, address, phone number, and business hours or other locations are important things to add in. All of these will help your rankings on a google search done for the city you are located in or around. In addition to this, if you have multiple locations, create specific pages for each. You’ll increase your chances.

Keep content relevant and encourage business reviews

Google has become very good at weeding out the irrelevant sites just using keyword stuffing and focusing on the ones that have positive user reviews and unique content for each page. Hiring a professional to content write for you or calling your visitors to action to give reviews can be great ways to make your site more appealing, boost website traffic, and getting your website up higher in the rankings.

Use keywords and links effectively

While keyword stuffing isn’t something to do, you do want to include them in your content where it fits naturally. These keywords should include local information as well as common search terms that relate to your business and fit easily in your domain, titles, and content. Inbound links are great ways to help any SEO method. You can utilize these by being featured on others sites by hosting seminars, leaving comments, make donations, and make connections with others in your industry and do what you can do help each other out.

The most important thing to take away from these trips can be summed up by just encouraging unique, relevant, quality content and an active presence online.

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