7 Must-Have Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy S2

One of the most popular smartphones on the market, Samsung Galaxy S2 comes pre-loaded with many useful apps. Even so, there are plenty more apps, many of them free, that you should download and install on your device – they will make your Galaxy S2 even more fun to use. Here are 7 great apps you should definitely grab.



A tiny app that you’re going to find useful is EverNote. With it you can take notes, create to-do lists, and record voice memos. EverNote’s interface is intuitive, and the app is so fun to use that once you get used to it, it will be difficult to keep away from it.



Looking for an app that lets you manage cloud files on your Galaxy S2? Dropbox does exactly that. It makes it easier for you to upload photos, documents, and videos, and it lets you download your files with fewer clicks than other similar apps. Also, Dropbox lets you edit the files stored on the app’s servers.

Advanced Task Killer


Android is a multi-tasking operating system, and Galaxy S2 has 1GB RAM. This means that it’s wise to keep a good task killer app around that can quickly shut down any process that takes up too much RAM. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) can kill any process with a single click. It’s better than other similar apps because it’s stable and always does its job.

How Stuff Works


You’re probably familiar with the How Stuff Works website, which provides comprehensive information on basically any topic. This is an Android app that grants you access to a huge number of articles featured on the website. It also lets you easily listen to informative podcasts covering a variety of topics.



A simple yet powerful social networking management app, Seesmic works with Facebook, Buzz, and Twitter. Besides being able to receive and make updates on the mentioned social networks, you can also share videos with YouTube. Seesmic’s biggest advantage is that it’s really user-friendly.

Google Goggles


A wonderful little app that’s great fun to use, Google Goggles lets you search online for anything that you take a picture of. Because it uses advanced image recognition technology it’s usually quite effective. How it works is quite simple: you take a picture of a real object, the app analyzes the image, recognizes the object, then it carries out a search online and returns relevant results. You can use it for example, to identify a specific product you find in a shop, or to learn more about a landmark.



A fitness app, RunKeeper helps you track and measure your fitness. It’s an excellent fitness monitoring tool that relies on GPS to measure your heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned out. It stores the data in an accessible format, so that you can chart your progress. Overall it’s a helpful app that does everything it claims; it can be considered one of the best fitness apps currently available for mobile devices.

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