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Search Console Update: New URL Inspector

Google’s revamped Search Console receives more new features, including a long-awaited URL inspection tool.


Google’s Search Console continues to evolve in 2018, and users will be able to access a tool that provides more visibility into indexed pages and URLs. The URL Inspector provides information about problems with indexing or structured data errors.

Detailed information directly from the Google index

Search Console engineers Roman Kecher and Sion Schori told the Webmaster Central blog that a URL inspection tool is one of the latest updates. This also responds to users’ requests for more information on how Google Search looks at specific URLs. According to the URL-Inspection Tool, the search should be more transparent. Because it provides data on the processes of crawling, indexing and delivery in the context of search . For example, detailed information about structured data errors or AMPs can be highlighted. This information and more about indexing issues come directly from the Google Index.

The URL Inspection tool can be used as follows: If you enter your own URL in Search Console in the search bar, you can first read the date and the status of the last crawl. Any errors that occurred during or during indexing will be displayed as well as the Canonical URL for the page. If the page has been successfully indexed, information about a potential upgrade will be provided. For example, if the page has an AMP version or Rich Results.


Indexed Page Information via the URL Inspection Tool, © Google

If a page was not indexed, you can understand why. The new report provides information on the Noindex Robots Meta Tag . In addition, Google’s Canonical URL is displayed. It is beneficial for users to be able to access the report with a single click. This, in turn, indicates all pages that are affected by the same problems as the non-indexed page. This allows errors to be detected and corrected more quickly.

More updates make Search Console more user friendly

The tool will be rolled out to users worldwide in the coming weeks. In addition, the new Search Console contains further innovations. On the one hand, data from 16 months can now be accessed with the Search Analytics API. On the other hand, the Recipe Report ensures that problems with structured data in the area of the rich results can be localized and eliminated. Finally, there are new filters to appear in Search. These are shown in the Performance Report and include results from the Web Light and Google Play Instant categories.

Google endeavors to continuously revise Search Console for its users. Therefore, feedback is always desired; and is, as the tool for URL inspection shows, also practicable implemented. Still is the new Search Console according to own data in the beta phase. Nevertheless, monthly new features are added, for which in turn feedback is demanded. Therefore, users are curious to see what updates the Search Console will provide in the coming months. However, productive feedback can be used to show users their own tendencies.

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