Shutdown Timer : Shutdown or Logoff based on system events

Shutdown Timer

Shutting down the machine at a specific time can be easily done using Scheduled tasks. Shutdown Timer can do a lot more than besides just shutting down your computer (such as log off, lock the screen, etc), and it’s not just timer-based but accepts several triggers.

Further it has Memory, network and CPU options for the action.

Under CPU Options you can activate the timer if the CPU usage is Below or Above certain percentage or you can select immediate action if the CPU usage triggers a particular level.

eg: i can set If CPU usage is above 90% for 2 mins Shutdown the PC or shutdown immediately with it touches 90%

Same way you can set with the CPU Temperature.

Next, comes the memory Options the idea remains the same. If memory usage exceeds or below XX MB take the desired action.

for Network options you have to choose the adapter and set the action if Upload or Download is above or below a limit for specific time.

Overall its a very good Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Standby, Hibernate, Lock Timer with much options.

Download Shutdown Timer :Click Here (4.4 MB)


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