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How to find YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

To get proper sponsorship for your channel on YouTube can become a herculean task. You might feel it is a goal that is impossible to achieve. Getting YouTube sponsorship for small channels can eventually bring you big money but it is a time-consuming process. You also need to strategize well and look for the right kind of sponsorship.



Your first step is to get your channel noticed by YouTube, your video search engine. If your sponsors are attracted to your channel, chances are your target audience will also get attracted to your channel. Therefore, ideally, you would want to have a bank of subscribers for your channel before you approach your desired sponsors.

Also, you need to get ready to answer these questions yourself:

  • You also need to decide whether you are fine with the brand associating with your channel.
  • Do you have enough content to support that brand?
  • Is your portfolio strong enough to get you YouTube sponsorship for small channels?

Remember, your main aim is to keep your audience happy. Your subscribers are what matters most. Pack them with quality and relevant content. Upload a large number of videos so that you can attract as much small YouTube sponsorship as possible.

What do you need?

Given below are pointers on how to get YouTube sponsorship for small channel.

Pre-build a repository of content

The first major step for any channel, big or small is to create a big block of content. Choose a topic of the line of topics on which you want to create your content. The idea is to give your viewers a host of content once they become your subscribers to stay engaged. Moreover, new viewers when they land up on your channel should also find your channel worth enough to subscribe. Finally, when you reach your sponsors, you must have some number of videos in your pocket to ensure they find your channel appealing.

Content quality is important

Getting small YouTube sponsorship will only be possible for your channel when you have quality content. You can create thousands of content but none of them are of good quality. Do you think you will be able to get subscribers, forget sponsors? Remember two things:

  1. There are no dearth of channels, there are thousands of others uploading the same content as you are doing, so you need to give people extremely good quality to appeal your viewers
  2. Sponsors for small YouTube channel only happens when you have something worth giving it to your sponsors.

At the initial stage, you might upload amateurish content but not in the long run. With time you must improve and present a new window for your viewers. Presenting a great amount of newer content will automatically attract your sponsors and your viewers as well. In fact, you will notice that your sponsors will be proud of being associated with your channel.

Consistent viewership

You simply cannot let your viewership graph go up and down. It should only have a steady growth upwards. Few tiny little dips are fine, but not drastic ones. Your content should be extremely engaging; therefore you need to create that kind of stickiness with your content. Remember, that your sponsor is coming to you so that their brand can get viewed worldwide. And your content will help them do just that.

Make your viewers happy – your sponsors will become happier

If you have a set of happy audience, you are automatically creating a good market for your sponsors. Your sponsors want just that. Your channel should be worth marketing for, or else you cannot attract a single brand to you. Know well the behavior of your target market, study their viewing pattern and understand what they like and they don’t like.

Choose the right brand

Have clarity on what kind of product or brand placement will be suitable for your channel – act accordingly. Large channels can afford to put any type of products or brands on their channels. However, as a small channel owner, you need to be extra careful. This is the stage you are making your own brand. Getting related products in the initial days is the best thing to start with. Your key focus, for now, is to get YouTube sponsorship for small channels to start with. Once you kick start and reach the desired level, you can play around with brands the way you want to.

For example, promoting home appliances on a travel channel will not get you a single profit. You can get brands that sell or promote travel gear, safe traveling kits, and hiking, trekking or camping kits. Moreover, you need to prove your authenticity to your followers with your relevance. Therefore, try to be as relevant as possible with your content.

Affordable platforms with sponsors

You will get a number of platforms; however, ensure you have a certain amount of subscriber base to start with. For example:

  • Famebit – They start with a minimum cut-off amount of 5000 subscribers
  • Reelio – they want 7,500 subscribers
  • Grapevine – they start a business only with channels that have 10,000 subscribers

What are the types of sponsorships?

There are two types of YouTube sponsorship for small channels are usually available:

Affiliate sponsorship

Easy to get and make money, this sponsorship is used for promoting products. All you need to do is distribute affiliate links and codes. Your viewers can also use these affiliate links to get discounts as well. How it works is, you will provide a code to your viewer with a discount that can range from 5-15%. If your viewers are interested they can shop from the site using that discount. Your brand partner will notice the revenue coming to their bank through your viewership and in-return you will get benefitted through the partner-incentive program.

Product sponsorship

Getting product brand for small YouTube sponsorship is a little tougher. If your channel is steadily growing and expanding with time, it will not be a daunting task. If you own a review channel, it will be best to go for product sponsorship.

Paid sponsorship

Paid sponsorship is still considered the highest form of sponsorship. You will notice many times while viewing a video, your streaming will get paused to include an advertisement right in the middle of the viewing – this is called paid sponsorship. You make a good amount of money through these sponsorships but it is hardest to get as well. It all depends on your channel growth and popularity.

How to start?

Follow the steps to get your desired sponsors for small YouTube channel:

Reach out

Meet the sponsors, reach out to them and show them your portfolio. If your portfolio is good enough and of quality content, chances are you will get sponsorship easily.

Keep adding quality content

Do not stop at a certain number. Remember that your viewers are greedy; they want more quality content from you every day. Thus you must keep them engaged with your videos. The more you feed them, the more popularity you will get. This will automatically attract sponsors towards you.

Increase traffic

Use social media handles to promote your channel. Ensure you have footprints to your channel from every possible direction. Build your own brand and your sponsors will be impressed enough to give you a deal.

The task of getting YouTube sponsorship for small channels is not easy but not impossible as well. If you have less than 10k subscribers, best is to avoid paid sponsorship. Instead, start with affiliate or product sponsorship. In the initial days, you might feel overwhelmed and it might prove to be extremely daunting. However, once you get the hang of it, you will sail smoothly.

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