Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Android

Youtube now comes with an offline viewing option for Android phones.


YouTube has introduced a new feature to view videos offline. The new Offline feature allows Android users to download videos which can be viewed later even without internet usability. Videos can now be downloaded using Mobile Data or WiFi from the new Updated version of the YouTube app.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Goto Google Playstore and Update the YouTube app to the latest version.

2. Once you have updated the Youtube app, next time when you open the app it will tell you that the support for offline viewing feature has been added.


3. Now while watching videos online, you will see an extra button to download videos.

4. Clicking the button will ask you to choose the video resolution you want your video to be downloaded in. Currently, you can download videos in 360P and 720P(HD) versions, the 1080P(Full HD) option is not available yet.

Here you can set your preference for the default resolution you want your videos to be downloaded in every time you choose to download videos for offline viewing. The lower the resolution the lesser space will be used for your internal storage.

5. by default the videos are downloaded when you are connected to WIFI; however, you can go to the Offline settings and change it to Mobile Data.

6. All downloaded videos can be accessed using the Offline option which is available in the left slider on your Youtube app on your Android mobile / Android tablet.



Note: This feature is currently available in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines; soon will be available in all countries.

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